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Water Leak Detection Kent

Place a call to Thriftway Plumbing Inc. when you need water leak detection services in Kent, WA. Accurate water leak detection in your Kent property is the first step towards fixing the problem at its core. That is why it is very important to hire truly competent and well-equipped plumbers like ours for water leak detection services in Kent.

Most property owners consider burst pipe to be a major calamity. They should know that it is the much slower leakage, be it slab leak or any other plumbing leak that does more extensive and lasting damage. Take the issue seriously and hire us for water leak detection in your Kent property at the earliest signs of trouble. We are ready to meet all your needs for:

  • Water line leak locating
  • Drain leak detection
  • Wall leak detection
  • Pool leak detection
  • Emergency leak detection service

Call (253) 499-6690 to schedule water leak detection in your Kent property.  

Slab Leak Kent • Underground Water Line Leaks

Slab leak in any Kent property is probably the toughest leakage issue to deal with. The biggest reason for this is that the leaking pipe lies below the foundation, hidden from view. Usually, slab leak in Kent properties is detected only when quite a lot of damage has already been done.

We suggest that you watch-out for symptoms of slab leak in your Kent property and call us immediately for tracing it to its source. Sudden spike in water bills, hot spots on flooring, discolored floors are some signs that there is need in your Kent property for:

  • Foundation leak detection
  • Underground leak detection
  • Locating leak under house
  • Detecting water leak in slab

Is it time to detect slab leak in your Kent property? Call Thriftway Plumbing Inc. at (253) 499-6690.

Emergency Leak Repair Kent

Our licensed, bonded and insured plumbing company also offers its services for making emergency leak repair in Kent homes and commercial locations.

Water leak detection should ideally be followed by emergency leak repair in your Kent property. You can save yourself much loss and headache by hiring us for an emergency leak repair job in Kent.  Our emergency leak repair services for Kent resident combine speed with quality and economy. Call us today for:

  • 24 hour water leak plumbers
  • Emergency pipe leak repair specialists
  • 24/7 leak repair experts
  • Emergency water leak repair technicians

Thriftway Plumbing Inc. is the #1 source for emergency leak repair services in Kent. We are always available at (253) 499-6690.

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