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Lakewood Vehicle Lockout


When you least expect it is when it happens, you lock yourself out of your Lakewood vehicle and you need a Lakewood locksmith as quick as possible.

When this situation happens don’t break a window or run around yelling at the kids or the husband or wife.

Call Half Price Unlocks and in about fifteen minutes a technician will be there and have you back in that Lakewood vehicle lockout faster and professional more than expected.


Lakewood vehicle lockout
• Cheap Locksmith
• Safe lockout Lakewood
• Car Locksmith
• Keys in vehicle
• Locked keys in trunk


We have been servicing the Lakewood area since 2006 and will continue to do so for many years to come.

We have gotten tons of people in bad times of day or bad areas that they don’t even know exactly where they are.

Whether it’s a car lockout to a deadbolt lockout we can handle the situation with professional and courteous technicians with advanced training ready to tackle your Lakewood locksmith job.


Call Half Price Unlocks for A  Car Lockout near Lakewood!

(253) 732-7147


Vehicle Lockout Lakewood



Lakewood is a growing and diverse area.

It has been around almost as long as its neighbors Tacoma.

Since we opened outdoors back in 2006 we have been servicing the Lakewood area.

Half Price Unlocks has been assisting our customers in the Lakewood locksmith field from auto lockouts to commercial lock installations.

Half Price Unlocks prides itself in a professional and courteous company.

You have to put your trust into a locksmith the way you put your trust into a police officer or a fire fighter.

A locksmith is going to enter your house if you need them to, or maybe your garage or your bedroom, so a Lakewood locksmith must be courteous and professional.


Lockout Lakewood


No matter what time of day and no matter what kind of locksmith situation you find yourself in.

Half Price Unlocks can help you in the time of need. Maybe you walked outside to check the mail or walked outside to get some fresh air.

Half Price Unlocks will be there in fifteen minutes to get you back in that Lakewood house lockout in no time.

We provide exceptional service for any of your Lakewood locksmith needs. Our technicians are trained rigorously.

We have the most up to date technology that is available to locksmiths. We use the top of the line tools for your Lakewood vehicle lockout. The next time you need a locksmith, give Half Price Unlocks a try and you won’t be disappointed.


• Lockout Lakewood
• Car door unlock
• Licensed locksmith
• Deadbolt lockout
• House lockout
• Home lockout


Call Half Price Unlocks for A  Car Lockout near Lakewood!

(253) 732-7147


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