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Torch Tacoma

Do you need a good quality welding blow torch for your project in Tacoma, WA? Then get in touch with us at T & R Welding Supplies today. We are a welding supply store and service provider near Tacoma, that can offer you brand new torches as well as torch repair facilities.

Whatever problem there might be with your welding torch, our crew in Tacoma will be able to fix it entirely. You can expect to receive your repaired torch within a few days itself. We can help you fix issues with your welding torch in Tacoma. For this, we offer services like:

  • Leaky hose repair
  • Repairing melted wiring
  • Fixing diffuser problems
  • Replacing worn spring liner

If you need any other repair service for your welding torch in Tacoma, then give us a call at (253) 272-0467.

Torches Tacoma

Our welding supply store is the right choice when you are looking for the latest and best quality torches in Tacoma. The products that we have are sourced carefully from branded manufacturers. Moreover, our welding supplies available in Tacoma are durable and long-lasting.

Our team near Tacoma can also help you choose torches for your requirements based on the job you thinking about finishing. So, the next time you need torch repair or a new torch visit us. Here is a small list of a few welding torches you can find with us in Tacoma.

  • MIG torches
  • Plasma torches
  • TIG torches
  • Rose-bud torches

You can call T & R Welding Supplies at (253) 272-0467 today to buy welding torches for yourself in Tacoma.

Torch Repair Tacoma

Along with being able to work on different types of torches, our company near Tacoma can also do so for various brands. In other words, whatever brand of the torch you might have, you can always count on our torch repair contractors in Tacoma for assistance. They will make sure that only genuine spare parts are used while working on your repair job.

Another great thing about getting in touch with us for your torch repair and purchase-related needs in Tacoma is that we have a knowledgeable team that can assist you with all your questions. Therefore, even if this is your first time getting torches or torch repair services, you are in good hands. Our team can work on welding repair services in Tacoma for various brands like:

  • Victor
  • L-TEC
  • Harris
  • Airco

To get torch repair estimates in Tacoma reach out to us at T & R Welding Supplies on (253) 272-0467.

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