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Rugs Tempe

Are you on the lookout for a professional company offering high-quality, hand-knotted rugs in the Tempe, AZ area? You are in the right place. At Rug Treasures, we offer exceptional rugs in the Tempe area that are imported from around the world. In operation since 1990, we have served countless customers by fulfilling their diverse needs for exquisite rugs in the Tempe area. Whenever our customers need beautiful rugs in the Tempe area, they visit us as an esteemed source for elegant floor covering options.

Simply give us a call to discuss your specific requirements and preferences. We will accordingly offer you the most suitable options. Some types of rugs we have among others are the following:

  • Traditional rugs
  • Contemporary rugs
  • Antique rug
  • Transitional rug

Call Rug Treasures if you want aesthetic rugs Tempe.

(480) 573-7027

Rug Tempe

To buy a quality rug for your Tempe home, trust only professional floor covering providers like us. We can provide a colorful rug for your Tempe home that can prove to be a great functional and aesthetic addition. If you want a traditional, contemporary, or modern rug in the Tempe area, you should contact us as we have a vast collection under each category. You can choose a rug Tempe that is adorned with your preferred designs and motifs.

Our floor covering options are vibrant and colorful, matching the utmost standards of style. Our products can blend well with many types of rooms and architectural styles. We import products from these countries and more:

  • India
  • China
  • Afghanistan
  • Turkey

Call Rug Treasures if you want a royal rug Tempe.

(480) 573-7027

Area Rugs Tempe

We provide large area rugs that are perfect for mansions and big houses Tempe. Not many stores offer large area rugs in the Tempe area and most provide only conventional sizes. We know how problematic it can be to accommodate large spaces, which is why we offer large area rugs Tempe. If you are having difficulties finding large area rugs in the Tempe area, visit us.

We make sure that you get what you are looking for. Our team of trained staff offers personalized assistance to clients in choosing the suitable floor covering options for their homes. We provide rug services such as the following:

  • Cleaning rugs
  • Repair rug
  • Scotch guarding rug
  • Anti-skid pads

Call Rug Treasures for large area rugs Tempe.

(480) 573-7027

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