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Retreat Guide

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Couples Retreat

Going on a couples retreat for the first time can be very exciting! Once you get there, it’s an experience that many people won’t soon forget. In fact, you may be clamoring to plan your next one as soon as you’ve settled into your first one. Here are five tips to prepare you for your first time at a couples retreat.

  • Couples Retreats are meant to spend time with each other
  • Couples Retreats mean putting differences aside
  • Couples Retreats should focus on each other
  • Couples Retreats should leave the phones behind
  • Couples Retreats are a great time to make goals

Retreat And Conference Center

A retreat and conference center is a great place to plan and enjoy a retreat not only for your family but even for a business.  Retreats are meant to be experienced in a relaxing environment, so you should bring comfortable clothes. In other words, leave the stilettos or dress shoes at home and plan for doing things a little different than your day to day routine. Pack yoga clothing, bathing suits, and other comfortable attire for any trip that might involve some personal down time. Bring plenty of hygiene products and hair ties if you have long hair since you probably won’t be styling your hair a often in a laid back atmosphere of a retreat, make sure to bring clothes that you’re comfortable in. Pack flip flops and sneakers or other comfortable, closed-toe shoes and don’t forget to bring your ID and any medical documentation you might need, just in case.

Some exciting things you might experience at a Retreat:

  • Relaxation and healing mentally
  • Massage or Therapy
  • New Experiences
  • Neuro-energy
  • Essential oils and Yoga
  • Sports & Exercise
  • Reflexology & Training

Yoga Retreat

Take a trip that puts YOU first.  And a Yoga Retreat is the perfect getaway that can do this.  Decompress, distress, and detox at a yoga retreat or massage themed wellness retreat. You can take advantages of services as:

  • Relaxation and healing massage
  • Energy and vitality massage
  • Deep therapeutic massage
  • Neuro-energetic massage
  • Essential oils massage
  • Sports massage
  • Reflexology

There are usually also hot tubs, steam rooms and mud baths to sooth your soul. Some examples of these retreats include:

Lots of great Yoga & Wellness Retreats

Ariston Anderson of the Huffington post put it perfectly when she wrote, “I’m generally short on leisure time, so the idea of swapping my precious vacation time for a rigorously scheduled exercise getaway was not in the least bit appealing to me.  But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that a yoga retreat could fulfill all my ideas of a typical vacation, and much more.” Live, breathe and escape at a yoga retreat. Some examples of these retreats include:

Which one of these wellness retreats stands out to you? Can’t decide between spa or yoga? We can help you and answer any more questions you might have. You can click here to contact us anytime.

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