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Septic Pumping Gig Harbor


Drain-Pro Inc provides Septic Pumping Service in Gig Harbor, WA and surrounding areas.

If you’re septic is not working appropriately, need some maintenance, looking for pumping service at an affordable rate then you need Drain-Pro Inc  in Gig Harbor, WA to come and assess your septic concerns.

We specialize in handling the most difficult septic pumping issues from pumping to repairs to ensure that your site is functioning correctly worry free.

Our team of  dedicated experts have been trained on the complexities of septic systems and understand the correct methods of fixing and maintaining the overall health of your septic system.

Looking for septic pumping service in Gig Harbor, WA time to call Drain-Pro Inc. We have been in business for over 25 years severing the Gig Harbor and surrounding areas.

Maintaining your septic system is not only necessary it is vital! Pumping your septic system on a regular bases keeps your system healthy and prevents future issues.

Call Drain Pro Inc. for Septic Pumping in Gig Harbor Today!

Call now (253) 289-3262. 


Septic Service Gig Harbor


We service Gig Harbor and surrounding areas for Septic Service. Drain-Pro Inc is committed to providing exceptional customer service in the area of Septic Service. From pumping your septic to repairs and installation we can handle it.

From rural to city dwellers we can handle any size of septic! We treat and dispose of household waste and check the overall health of your system.

Drain-Pro Inc Gig Harbor services rural systems for removing and emptying sludge waste to keep your system operational.  If you have absorption areas in your yard it could be a sign that something is not functioning properly within your system which is causing wet spots on your property. We have the technology to go in and field the issue but more importantly fix the issue.

Call Drain-Pro Inc at (253) 289-3262 for septic service in Gig Harbor today!


Septic Repair Gig Harbor


Need septic service repair – Call Drain-Pro LLC at (253) 289-3262 to be connected to a septic repair specialist. They will discuss your concerns and schedule your appointment. We have trucks in the area and we can handle most jobs within the same day. We can handle the following concerns and many more:


• Breakout or effluent breakout

• Drainfield (conventional)

• Distribution box concerns 

• Cluster septic system

• Absorption field

• Residential Septic Repair 

Commercial Septic Repair


If you’re septic repair problem isn’t listed here no need to fear we can handle it!

Our professional staff is willing and able to help you. Trucks are in your area.  For over 25 years we have have been repairing septic systems for both residential and commercial customers.  We are a family owned and operated company operating in the local area!

Call Drain Pro Inc Today for Septic Repair in Gig Harbor!

Schedule at (253) 289-3262



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