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Reading Disorders Maple Valley

Rock Therapeutic Services is the name to rely on for treatment of reading disorders in Maple Valley, WA. Individuals with reading disorders typically have impaired phonological processing skills, poor reading comprehension and reading fluency issues.

It is important that parents recognize reading disorders Maple Valley in their kids early on and consult qualified professionals like us to get appropriate treatment started. Ignoring the reading disorders Maple Valley children experience can have far-reaching damaging consequences. The impairment tends to hamper their academic achievements, invite peer ridicule, lead to social isolation and destroy their self-esteem.

We offer therapy interventions to help with different types of reading disorders Maple Valley at our facility. Contact us if you have a child struggling with:

  • Specific reading disorder
  • Comprehension learning disability
  • Reading disabilities
  • Dyslexia
  • Alexia
  • Hyperlexia

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Writing Disorders Maple Valley

We offer support and therapy even for treating writing disorders with children. Writing disorders Maple Valley generally occur together with reading disabilities, but can also be present otherwise.

Children with writing disorders Maple Valley have great trouble communicating through the written expression as they may use wrong words or write words that are difficult to read. Incorrect spelling, improper sizing and spacing of alphabets and omitting words form a sentence are some common indications of writing disorders Maple Valley children.

Our speech-language pathologists provide their expertise for helping clients manage their writing disorders Maple Valley. Trust us to provide the best possible therapy to your child for treatment of their:

  • Writing disability
  • Specific writing disorder
  • Spelling impairment
  • Written expression disability
  • Dysgraphia

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Dyslexia Maple Valley

Come to us for sincere, effective and stress-free services for overcoming dyslexia Maple Valley. A type of reading disorder, dyslexia is characterized by incorrect spelling, inaccurate word recognition and erratic reading fluency.

While its exact cause is not known, dyslexia Maple Valley in most of our patients can be related to neurological problem or hereditary factors. In any case, we provide comprehensive services for rehabilitation of our dyslexia patients in Maple Valley. These include:

  • Testing for dyslexia
  • Diagnosing dyslexia
  • Treating dyslexia
  • Monitoring dyslexia treatment program

We offer therapy for different types of dyslexia like a number Maple Valley dyslexia, auditory dyslexia and verbal dyslexia children experience at our facility.

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