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Reading Disorders Issaquah

reading-disorders-issaquah-waNot many parents know that there are numerous children with reading disorders in Issaquah, WA and the rest of the country. The level of impairment, however, may vary.

Sadly, reading disorders in many of these unfortunate Issaquah children go undiagnosed or are not taken seriously enough to be treated by qualified professionals. The result is poor academic performance, difficulty in several everyday tasks, and low self-esteem due to social ridicule.

At Rock Therapeutic Services, we advise parents and teachers to watch out for signs of developmental reading disorders in Issaquah children under their care. We offer the services of certified speech and language pathologists to overcome or mitigate reading disorders of the affected Issaquah children. Some conditions that we can help with include:

  • Dyslexia
  • Reading disability
  • Reading comprehension deficit
  • Comprehension learning disability
  • Comprehension disorder
  • Reading processing disorder

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Writing Disorders Issaquah

writing-disorders-issaquah-waOur therapists also work with children with writing disorders in Issaquah. Writing is a difficult skill to acquire. It requires the ability to organize ideas in the mind and the capacity to use hand and fingers to form those words on paper.

Writing disorders in Issaquah children involve problem with composition, spelling, and handwriting. Though writing disorders with Issaquah children are usually apparent by the age of 7-8 years, these may not be taken seriously. Often the affected child is scolded for not making enough effort.

We advise Issaquah parents to get timely professional help for their child with writing disorders. They should come to our therapists who can assist with these difficulties and more:

  • Dysgraphia
  • Broca’s aphasia
  • Disorder of written expression
  • Written language disorder
  • Spelling disorder

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Dyslexia Issaquah

dyslexia-issaquah-waDo you have a child with dyslexia in Issaquah? Are you worried about how to deal with the condition? Relax! We are here to help.

Schedule an appointment with one of our speech and language pathologists who has experience of working with children with dyslexia in Issaquah and beyond.

Dyslexia is one of the most well-known reading disorders. Issaquah children with dyslexia do not lack in intelligence, but have certain learning disabilities. Our therapists offer them the loving guidance they need.

We provide intervention and therapies for different types of dyslexia. Our Issaquah patients include children with:

  • Number dyslexia
  • Verbal dyslexia
  • Auditory dyslexia
  • Dyslexia reading
  • Dyslexia writing

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