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Eve’s Revenge Snake Snares is a snake trapping professional that helps residential and commercial customers in the Austin, Texas area catch snakes before they enter your home or business all hours of the day!

There is nothing more frightening then having a snake crawling across your hallway or through the conference room of your local business.  We provide ready to install snake trap kits that are easily installed and quickly installed for any Austin snake trap situation.

We do all of the manufacturing and you can install on your existing fencing on your existing fence.  If you have a snake problem or are looking to prevent future snake problems then contact Eve’s Revenges we are Snake Trap experts in Austin, Texas!

We provide long lasting solutions for Austin snake trap problems for interior and exterior and all parts of the Austin community!


  • Snake Removal on Playgrounds
  • Great for Removing Snakes and Work Site Safety
  • Gardens
  • Oil & Gas
  • Work Shops
  • Snake Traps for Farms & Barns


Snake Removal Austin


Snake removal in Austin is a much bigger worry than any other pest infestation.  Snakes are all over the place around here.  The removal of snakes has become an art form not only in Austin but across the United States.  Eve’s Revenge has perfected snake removal in Austin.

If you are in a locality that is home to deadly snakes or even non-poisonous snakes, it is never too early to snake-proof your Austin home or business for snake removal.  Our snake removal kits are easy to install and you will sit back in wonderment and ease at our world class snake removal invention as your Austin property becomes a snake free environment!


Installation of our Austin snake removal system is an excellent way of ensuring prevention of snakes entering the parameter of your property. This uniquely simple, yet an effective snake removal system primarily uses netting that:


  • Uses a Filtration to Stop a Snake from Entering Your Property
  • Traps & incapacitates the snake as it try’s to get through effectively causing snake removal!
  • Easy enough to fix once snake removal is achieved and the snake is trapped.
  • Pest Control Snake
  • Austin Residential Snake Removal
  • Austin Commercial Snake Removal

Call us today and contact the best Snake Removal Experts in Austin, Texas Today!


Snake Prevention Austin


You must take a pro-active snake prevention approach when dealing with venomous snakes in  Eve’s Revenge is an Austin Snake Prevention expert and we have invented an incredible product that will trap and prevent snakes from entering the parameter of where you set up our snake prevention system.

Snake bites are dangerous and lethal but often times preventable.  Lets be honest!  This is why you are looking for a Austin Snake Prevention Expert!   Who wants to entertain any time dealing with snakes!  We are a snake prevention team in Austin, Texas and have been designing a system that catches and kills snakes for you!

Our ready to install snake prevention kits are proven to prevent snakes that commonly have been effective at being safety threats for your family.

Our snake deterrent:

  • Is UV protected
  • Easily lasts for two years if maintained properly
  • Can be repaired in sections where snakes get caught
  • 100 feet of netting
  • Cable ties
  • Sod staples


As Austin snake prevention experts we are proud to help our clients daily life be livable again and to remove the nightmare of snakes roaming around outside their property trying to get inside their entryway or through their crawlspaces.

We are very effective at snake prevention in Austin and you will no longer have to fear because our snake prevention kits will keep you safe and the snake prevention kit you can order from use will keep your Austin, Texas property save and prevent snakes out of your yard for good!

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