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Puyallup, WA 98374

Puyallup Locksmith

A Puyallup locksmith service is any job that is done for someone that is a locksmith job and we call that a Puyallup locksmith service. Half Price Unlocks has been performing lockout jobs for our customers in the Puyallup area since 2006 and lockouts are one of our top specialties in the Puyallup area.

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Puyallup mobile locksmith
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A Puyallup Locksmith can handle and wants the area to continue to expand and grow in population and the roads become crowded more, a Puyallup locksmith service that is quick and reliable is very important and our lockout team will usually arrive in about fifteen minutes to get you back in whatever your locked out of.

We are proud to call ourselves one of the top locksmith teams in this area and we will continue to be far into the future.


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Locksmith Puyallup


A Puyallup local locksmith is a company that was started in the Puyallup area and a locksmith Puyallup is one with its community and strives to give its friends and family good Puyallup local locksmith services.

These local companies play important roles in their areas of services and Half Price Unlocks has been around since 2006 and has many different services. From removing padlocks to opening houses that citizens have locked themselves out of or lost there keys.

We strive to be one of the top local locksmiths in the Pierce county area and Half Price Unlocks has unlocked thousands of cars and trucks. From your normal commuter car to your working dump truck beacause we have unlocked all of it almost. We are professional and courteous and provide a outstanding service and we want you to talk about your locksmith Puyallup experience with your friends and family.

Puyallup Auto Locksmith


A Puyallup auto locksmith can make you a key for your car or get your keys out of your trunk and there are many different services a Puyallup auto locksmith does and whatever service you have requested our locksmith team will get the job done right and as we continue to grow and move into other communities we strive for amazing customer experience and the services that you need and want done right.

We have been providing a locksmith service in the Puyallup area for a long time and our technicians know the quickest and safest routes to get to your vehicle in a timely manner.

Some of our Locksmith services are car lockouts, house lockouts, business lockouts, rekey, safe unlocks, lock installation, camera installation, sensor light installation, club removal and padlock removal so no matter what locksmith service you need give Half Price Unlocks a call and we will be there in about fifteen minutes.


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Milton, WA 98354

Milton Locksmith


When you need a locksmith for the first time in your life because all of a sudden you locked your keys in your Milton vehicle, call Half Price Unlocks and we will be there in about fifteen minutes to retrieve your keys and get you back into that car.

We have been unlocking cars in the Milton area since 2006.

Our locksmiths are trained at the highest level from very qualified locksmiths. We are licensed, bonded and insured.

• Surveillance installation
Milton locksmith
• Deadbolt unlock
• House lockout
• Vehicle lockout
• Locksmith Milton

From semis to dump trucks to old Volkswagen bugs, we have unlocked every kind of vehicle that you can think of.

You may think your key’s cannot be locked in your Milton car, but every vehicle has a fail safe which allows your keys to be locked in your vehicle.

Milton locksmiths are hard to find.

With many years of experience in this area we know the shortcuts and the back roads to take to get us to that Milton car lockout at a fast speed and less travel time.

No matter what time of day you need a Milton locksmith, Half Price Unlocks is there for you.


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Locksmith Milton


We are a full service locksmith team.

We do storage lock cutoffs, deadbolt unlocks, any kind of house lockout, roadside services such as gas assist, jumpstarts, tire changes and lockouts.

We unlock any vehicle on the road and even replace batteries.

We do full house rekeys and business rekeys, safes reprogramming or just unlocking.

We make keys or just install new hardware, whatever locksmith service you need we will be there for you.

Our licensed locksmiths can take care of any of your needs.

Sometimes you might go on vacation and realize you left your keys back at the hotel.

You just got home the kids and wife our tired and not happy and you don’t have your keys to get back into your Milton house.

Call Half Price Unlocks and we will be there in about fifteen minutes to unlock your deadbolt and make you new keys.


Local Locksmith Milton


Honest person who is friendly and has over twenty years of experience.

We strive for customer service and our customers are always right.

We supply the necessary lockout needs for any Milton locksmith needs.

No matter what time of day, no matter what kind of weather. Half Price Unlocks is there to assist you with your Milton locksmith needs.

As we continue to grow over these next twenty years we will train and educate ourselves on the most state of the art technology that becomes available to us as Milton locksmiths.

Whether that is a vehicle lockout or a emergency house lockout. Half Price Unlocks is there for you.


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• Jumpstarts
• Tire changes
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