Half Price Unlocks

Renton, WA, Washington

Renton, WA 98058

Locksmith Renton

Half Price Unlocks is the foremost source for mobile locksmith services in the Renton, WA area. We have been meeting all kinds of needs for residential, commercial and car locksmith Renton needs since 2006.

It is easy to make mistakes that leave you helpless having locked keys in your car, being locked out of your home, losing access to a business safe or another similar situation. This is especially true in the high-pressure daily living of today.

The good news is that our Renton locksmith is always around to come to your rescue within no time. In fact, our capabilities are not limited to opening a lock in which the keys are lost or misplaced. Our Renton locksmith is the expert to turn to when you need a proven professional to:

  • Pop a lock
  • Rekey locks
  • Do broken key extraction
  • Make lock repair
  • Carry out new lock installation

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Car Locksmith Renton

Nobody wants to have to call in a car locksmith Renton technician! It can be extremely frustrating when you are unable to get into or use your own vehicle. However, freaking out is not going to help at such a time.

Enlisting the assistance of our Renton car locksmith is the best way for you to go. Our car locksmith Renton is known for providing quick, efficient and professional services that leave the customer thoroughly satisfied.

Our highly trained Renton car locksmith uses top-of-the-line tools to get the job done, without any damage to your vehicle. No matter what the make or model of you vehicle, look no further than us when you need the help of an:

  • Auto locksmith
  • Automotive locksmith
  • Vehicle locksmith
  • Car unlock service provider

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24 Hour Locksmith Renton

We are available for handling emergencies with a 24 hour locksmith Renton. There is no knowing when you might get stuck in a lockout situation. Usually waiting long time for professional help is not an option.

Thankfully, our Renton 24 hour locksmith is just a phone call away. Reach out to us day or night, weekday or weekend. Our 24 hour locksmith Renton assures you of less than a 20 minute response time.

Do not fall victim to a Renton 24 hour locksmith who leaves you hanging or asks for an outrageous fee. Always contact us for:

  • After hours locksmith
  • 24 hour lockout service
  • Emergency locksmith
  • 24 hour key maker

Call Half Price Unlocks for a dependable 24 hour locksmith Renton!

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Half Price Unlocks

Olympia, WA, Washington

Olympia, WA 98501

Locksmith Olympia

Are you looking for a reliable locksmith in Olympia, WA or its nearby area? Look no further than Half Price Unlocks. We are a local family-owned and operated locksmith Olympia residents can count on. If you have locked yourself out of your vehicle or home, call our locksmith Olympia. We are also available for new or remodel installations of locks or re-keys.

Our services include:

  • Lock installation
  • Rekey service
  • New lock
  • Rekey locks

Whether you need our services for residential or business property, we are here to help. Need help fast? We are an Olympia 24 hour locksmith. Simply give us a call and we will be there to provide you with fast, friendly and affordable assistance. We look forward to serving you.

Call Half Price Unlocks for a professional Olympia locksmith.

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Car Locksmith Olympia

We are a trustworthy Olympia car locksmith. We assure you that we will not let you down if you choose us as your car locksmith Olympia technician. Your car is in safe hands with our car locksmith services. We understand that being locked out of your vehicle or losing your car keys can be stressful and frustrating. As a 24 hour car locksmith Olympia, we will answer your phone call at any time of the day or night to help you get back on the road quickly.

We offer the following:

  • Unlock car service
  • Mobile locksmith
  • Cheap locksmith
  • Automotive locksmith

We use only the latest equipment and tools to get the job done to the highest industry standards. If you need the services of a car locksmith Olympia technician in the nearby area, pick up the phone and dial our number. Our car locksmith Olympia can work on cars of almost all makes and models. Our goal is to deliver excellent customer service.

Call Half Price Unlocks for a car locksmith Olympia.

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24 Hour Locksmith Olympia

Want to know of a good 24 hour locksmith Olympia who specializes in personal, automobile, home, business and emergency services? And more importantly, want a 24 hour locksmith Olympia that is on-time, every time? If yes, then you are in the right place.

Call us if you:

  • Locked keys in car
  • Need auto locksmith
  • Locked out of car
  • Need local locksmith

We always take the shortest route to get to our clients. We do not want you to be standing outside for a very long time. A 24 hour locksmith Olympia will come to you as quickly as possible with prompt support. Client safety and satisfaction are our highest priorities.

Call Half Price Unlocks for a 24 hour locksmith Olympia.

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Half Price Unlocks

Bonney Lake, WA, Washington

Bonney Lake, WA 98391

Locksmith Bonney Lake

If you have been locked out of your home or car, you need the help of an experienced locksmith in Bonney Lake, WA to get you in. Being locked out of your car or home can be very unpleasant and that is why you must always have the contact details of a qualified 24 hour locksmith Bonney Lake technician.

Get in touch with Half Price Unlocks when you are looking for an experienced and reputable 24 hour locksmith Bonney Lake technician. We are an established company and have been offering Bonney Lake lockout service for a while now. Call our Bonney Lake locksmith when you require the following services:

  • Car unlock service
  • New lock
  • Lock installation
  • Rekey service

We have been in the lockout business for a while now and understand how difficult it is to be locked out. Let us help you in your time of need.

Call Half Price Unlocks for locksmith Bonney Lake services!

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Car Locksmith Bonney Lake

If you have been locked out of your car and you need the help of a qualified car locksmith Bonney Lake expert, then you are in the right place. With keys locked in your car, you have no other option but to call a professional to get the car keys. Trying to pop a lock using crude tools can damage the car, as well as the lock.

Place your trust in us when you need a car locksmith Bonney Lake expert as we have helped several automobile owners with our rekey services. Call our Bonney Lake car locksmith for the following services:

  • Car key replacement
  • Unlock car
  • Car key duplication
  • Car key repair

Our car locksmith Bonney Lake is well equipped with the latest tools and equipment that help them unlock the car easily without damaging anything.

Call Half Price Unlocks for a professional and experienced car locksmith Bonney Lake!

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24 Hour Locksmith Bonney Lake

With us as the 24 hour locksmith Bonney Lake offering top notch services, you need not worry a bit. Responding to all calls quickly, we reach the spot in no time and provide the rekey solution that you need.

Count on us as the 24 hour locksmith Bonney Lake that can be contacted in any emergency situation of being locked out of your home or car. As your 24 hour locksmith Bonney Lake, we provide the following services:

  • Emergency unlock services
  • Mobile key replacement
  • Car lock replacement
  • Transponder chip key

Get in touch with us to know more about our services and pricing.

Call Half Price Unlocks for a 24 hour locksmith Bonney Lake!

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Puyallup, WA 98374

Puyallup Locksmith

A Puyallup locksmith service is any job that is done for someone that is a locksmith job and we call that a Puyallup locksmith service. Half Price Unlocks has been performing lockout jobs for our customers in the Puyallup area since 2006 and lockouts are one of our top specialties in the Puyallup area.

• Puyallup locksmith services
Puyallup mobile locksmith
• Business rekey
• Change locks
• Lock installation
• Local locksmith

A Puyallup Locksmith can handle and wants the area to continue to expand and grow in population and the roads become crowded more, a Puyallup locksmith service that is quick and reliable is very important and our lockout team will usually arrive in about fifteen minutes to get you back in whatever your locked out of.

We are proud to call ourselves one of the top locksmith teams in this area and we will continue to be far into the future.


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Locksmith Puyallup


A Puyallup local locksmith is a company that was started in the Puyallup area and a locksmith Puyallup is one with its community and strives to give its friends and family good Puyallup local locksmith services.

These local companies play important roles in their areas of services and Half Price Unlocks has been around since 2006 and has many different services. From removing padlocks to opening houses that citizens have locked themselves out of or lost there keys.

We strive to be one of the top local locksmiths in the Pierce county area and Half Price Unlocks has unlocked thousands of cars and trucks. From your normal commuter car to your working dump truck beacause we have unlocked all of it almost. We are professional and courteous and provide a outstanding service and we want you to talk about your locksmith Puyallup experience with your friends and family.

Puyallup Auto Locksmith


A Puyallup auto locksmith can make you a key for your car or get your keys out of your trunk and there are many different services a Puyallup auto locksmith does and whatever service you have requested our locksmith team will get the job done right and as we continue to grow and move into other communities we strive for amazing customer experience and the services that you need and want done right.

We have been providing a locksmith service in the Puyallup area for a long time and our technicians know the quickest and safest routes to get to your vehicle in a timely manner.

Some of our Locksmith services are car lockouts, house lockouts, business lockouts, rekey, safe unlocks, lock installation, camera installation, sensor light installation, club removal and padlock removal so no matter what locksmith service you need give Half Price Unlocks a call and we will be there in about fifteen minutes.


  •  Puyallup Locksmith 
  •  Puyallup Auto Locksmith
  •  Locksmith near me
  •  Car lockout Puyallup
  •  Commercial locksmith
  •  Vehicle lockout


Call Half Price Unlocks for A Puyallup Locksmith Expert near You!

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Spanaway, WA 98387

Spanaway Locksmith


A Spanaway locksmith is a valuable asset to any community. People put a lot of trust into a locksmith.

They operate on a twenty four hour basis, they are available when you call and need them.

With Half Price Unlocks there is always a locksmith available for whatever your Spanaway car locksmith needs our. As we continue to be a full service locksmith company we have started to expand our reach in different areas.


Spanaway locksmith
• Mobile locksmith
• Storage lock removal
• Lost keys
• Reliable locksmith
• Locksmith vehicle


From setting up surveillance systems to setting up Spanaway motion lights, Half Price Unlocks does it all.

We strive ourselves on providing exceptional service twenty four seven three hundred sixty five days a year. Whatever Spanaway car locksmith need you have we got you covered.


Call Half Price Unlocks for a Car Lockout near Spanaway!

(253) 732-7147


Spanaway Auto Locksmith



A Spanaway auto locksmith is a person that is there to assist you in a problem that most likely only he can handle. Our locksmiths have been put through a rigorous test and know what kind of job there facing and how to handle it properly.

Whatever Spanaway auto locksmith need you have count on our team at Half Price Unlocks to get it done timely, professional and right the first time.

We started operating in 2006 and Spanaway was on the list of cities that we have serviced from the very beginning. While we have continued to expand we still stick to the jobs we have always done and automobiles are on the top of our list.

With so many years of experience, you want a locksmith technician that has pretty much seen it all.

Maybe you called another company before us and they just told you a service call fee but they cannot tell you the full price over the phone. Don’t accept that, call a Spanaway auto locksmith company called Half Price Unlocks and we will give you a exact price before a locksmith technician is dispatched to your location.


Spanaway Mobile Locksmith



Spanaway Mobile Locksmith or Half Price Unlocks is proud to call Spanaway one of its homes, we know the area in and out.

We know where the busiest areas are, we know how to avoid those congestion areas and ways to get around them quickly so you aren’t standing next to your Spanaway lockout for long.

When you lock your keys in your car you want to know exactly how long it is going to take a locksmith to arrive on scene and how much money it is going to cost you for that Spanaway mobile locksmith when he arrives to unlock your car.

Twenty four hours a day we can give you a full price over the phone for any of your locksmith needs. Maybe you own a small business and a employee just quit and they have access to your store because they didn’t return your business key.

Call Half Price locksmith and we will get a technician there same day and get those locks changed or rekeyed so you don’t have anything to worry about anything.


• Spanaway mobile locksmith
• Auto locksmith
• Locks changed
• Spanaway security cameras
• Keys in vehicle
• Locksmith Spanaway


Call Half Price Unlocks for a Car Lockout near Spanaway!

(253) 732-7147


Car Locksmith  98387    Car Lockout Spanaway  98387    Car Locksmith Spanaway  98387     Vehicle Locksmith Spanaway  98387

Edgewood, WA 98372

Edgewood Locksmith

A Edgewood Locksmiths job is to provide a exceptional service to customers that need a trusted person to do a important job.

Maybe you’re batteries died on your gun safe and it seems like it would take a army or a stick of dynamite to open that Edgewood safe.

Give Half Price Unlocks a call and a technician will arrive on site within about fifteen minutes.

We can usually give a exact price over the phone before the technician even leaves. Half Price Unlocks can also give you a exact time of arrival.

• Car Unlocks
Locksmith Edgewood
• Safe Cracked
• Edgewood auto locksmith
• Commercial locksmith
• Business Locksmith

When the Edgewood Locksmith arrives on scene they will talk over all the steps it is going to take to get the safe open. They will let you know if they can crack the Edgewood safe without damaging it or if they have to.

Whatever personal property you have in the safe whether it is medicine or guns. It won’t be damaged and you will have it back in your hand in no time.


Call Half Price Unlocks for A  Car Lockout near Edgewood!

(253) 732-7147

Edgewood Locksmith Services

Your most important personal property that you own inside your Edgewood home is in your safe.

It could be all of your money because you don’t believe in banks. Your Edgewood safe could have your anxiety medication that you need because you are stressing out more than you ever have before.

Whatever the case may be we don’t need to know but you need to know that Half Price Unlocks is here to get that Edgewood safe opened and make you feel like you have your personal property back in your hands.

We have unlocked thousands of safes since 2006. We operate discretely and efficiently.

Half Price Unlocks provides a locksmith service that few companies hold there standards to. We still believe that the customer is always right. So no matter what your Edgewood Locksmith service is call Half Price Locksmith and we will have your safe cracked in no time.


Edgewood Local Locksmith


If you have ever locked yourself out of your Edgewood home, you know this can feel like you are trapped outside or you have just lost your phone.

It is a scary situation and you may feel desperate and just want to break a window. Don’t do that, call a local Edgewood locksmith and they will arrive in about fifteen minutes.

Our Edgewood local locksmiths our standing by twenty four hours a day seven days a week.

Even if it is Christmas morning we will have someone there in no time. Whatever the expected time arrival is that you were quoted over the phone, most likely the Edgewood locksmith will be within minutes of that time.

So whatever Edgewood local locksmith service you need just know that Half Price Locksmith is there when you need is the most.

• Edgewood local locksmith
• Sensor light installation
• Car Locksmith
• Mobile Locksmith
• Safe lockout Edgewood
• Locksmith services


Call Half Price Unlocks for A  Car Lockout near Edgewood!

(253) 732-7147

Edgewood Locksmith 98372     Edgewood Locksmith  98372     Car Locksmith Edgewood 98372         Local Locksmith Edgewood 98372


, WA 98498

Tacoma Car Locksmith


A locksmith in Tacoma is a growing commodity.

In the surrounding area around Tacoma it is growing rapidly.

People are locking there keys in there vehicle more and more everyday.

Whatever kind of locksmith need you have, Half Price Unlocks is there to fix it.

Tacoma locksmiths are a trusted part of the community, we have to enter into our customers personal space and be respectful at whatever job we are doing.

Half Price Unlocks might be opening your Tacoma safe or just taking off a padlock on your gate.

Tacoma Car Locksmith 
• Lock repairman
• Licensed locksmith
• Deadbolt lockout
• Cheap Locksmith
• Car lockout

Whatever job it is know that we will do the job fast, friendly and respectfully.

Our technicians are trained to handle stressful situations, maybe you locked your dog or child in the car.

Or for the first time you locked your bathroom and didn’t realize that you don’t even have a key to it.

We can help get you out of whatever Tacoma locksmith situation you find yourself in.


Call Half Price Unlocks for A Mobile Locksmith near Tacoma!

(253) 732-7147

Tacoma Auto Locksmith

You might think all locks are the same, you might think that locks are simple.

But over the last fourth years locks have become more and more advanced.

From simple household locks to the most advanced commercial locks out right now.

There are many different key ways and different pins that change the dimensions and the inside of a lock.

What you see on the movies is not the same thing you find out in the real world.

Whether you are trying to unlock a Tacoma deadbolt or simply unlocking the easiest vehicle lockout.

You can spend hours and hundreds of dollars in damage attempting to get into that Tacoma lockout.

Save yourself the time and money and call Half Price Locksmith before doing real damage to your personal property.

Tacoma Mobile Locksmith


If you need a local locksmith look no further. We are open around the clock and provide exceptional services.

We give you a exact time of arrival within usually minutes.

Whether it is traffic time or the middle of the night we respond within minutes. We pride ourselves in doing the best possible job we can do.

Whatever Tacoma locksmith need you have Half Price Unlocks is there to get you back and running.

We do commercial locksmith work also.

Maybe you have a building with a hundred locks or you just purchased your first home and only need your front door rekeyed.

Whatever the job is let us help give you a full price over the phone and get you taken care of the right Tacoma locksmith way.

• Tacoma Locksmith
• Local Locksmith
• Tacoma car locksmith
• Car lockout
• House lockout
• Vehicle Locksmith Tacoma


Call Half Price Unlocks for A Mobile Locksmith near Tacoma!

(253) 732-7147


Car Locksmith  98402   Car Lockout Tacoma   98402    Car Locksmith Tacoma   98402    Vehicle Locksmith Tacoma   98402  

 Car Locksmith  98403   Car Lockout Tacoma  98403     Car Locksmith Tacoma  98403     Vehicle Locksmith Tacoma  98403

 Car Locksmith  98406   Car Lockout Tacoma  98406    Car Locksmith Tacoma   98406      Vehicle Locksmith Tacoma  98406    

 Car Locksmith  98443   Car Lockout Tacoma   98443    Car Locksmith Tacoma  98443      Vehicle Locksmith Tacoma  98443 

Car Locksmith  98424   Car Lockout Tacoma   98424    Car Locksmith Tacoma   98424    Vehicle Locksmith Tacoma   98424  

 Car Locksmith  98446   Car Lockout Tacoma  98446     Car Locksmith Tacoma  98446     Vehicle Locksmith Tacoma  98446

 Car Locksmith  98447   Car Lockout Tacoma  98447    Car Locksmith Tacoma   98447      Vehicle Locksmith Tacoma  98447    

 Car Locksmith  98498   Car Lockout Tacoma   98498    Car Locksmith Tacoma  98498      Vehicle Locksmith Tacoma  98498

Lakewood, WA 98498

Lakewood Vehicle Lockout


When you least expect it is when it happens, you lock yourself out of your Lakewood vehicle and you need a Lakewood locksmith as quick as possible.

When this situation happens don’t break a window or run around yelling at the kids or the husband or wife.

Call Half Price Unlocks and in about fifteen minutes a technician will be there and have you back in that Lakewood vehicle lockout faster and professional more than expected.


Lakewood vehicle lockout
• Cheap Locksmith
• Safe lockout Lakewood
• Car Locksmith
• Keys in vehicle
• Locked keys in trunk


We have been servicing the Lakewood area since 2006 and will continue to do so for many years to come.

We have gotten tons of people in bad times of day or bad areas that they don’t even know exactly where they are.

Whether it’s a car lockout to a deadbolt lockout we can handle the situation with professional and courteous technicians with advanced training ready to tackle your Lakewood locksmith job.


Call Half Price Unlocks for A  Car Lockout near Lakewood!

(253) 732-7147


Vehicle Lockout Lakewood



Lakewood is a growing and diverse area.

It has been around almost as long as its neighbors Tacoma.

Since we opened outdoors back in 2006 we have been servicing the Lakewood area.

Half Price Unlocks has been assisting our customers in the Lakewood locksmith field from auto lockouts to commercial lock installations.

Half Price Unlocks prides itself in a professional and courteous company.

You have to put your trust into a locksmith the way you put your trust into a police officer or a fire fighter.

A locksmith is going to enter your house if you need them to, or maybe your garage or your bedroom, so a Lakewood locksmith must be courteous and professional.


Lockout Lakewood


No matter what time of day and no matter what kind of locksmith situation you find yourself in.

Half Price Unlocks can help you in the time of need. Maybe you walked outside to check the mail or walked outside to get some fresh air.

Half Price Unlocks will be there in fifteen minutes to get you back in that Lakewood house lockout in no time.

We provide exceptional service for any of your Lakewood locksmith needs. Our technicians are trained rigorously.

We have the most up to date technology that is available to locksmiths. We use the top of the line tools for your Lakewood vehicle lockout. The next time you need a locksmith, give Half Price Unlocks a try and you won’t be disappointed.


• Lockout Lakewood
• Car door unlock
• Licensed locksmith
• Deadbolt lockout
• House lockout
• Home lockout


Call Half Price Unlocks for A  Car Lockout near Lakewood!

(253) 732-7147


Car Locksmith 98409   Car Lockout 98409  Lakewood    Car Locksmith 98409    Lakewood Vehicle Locksmith  98409                                                                                               Car Locksmith 98439   Car Lockout 98439   Lakewood    Car Locksmith 98439    Lakewood Vehicle Locksmith  98439  

Car Locksmith 98496  Car Lockout 98496    Lakewood    Car Locksmith 98496   Lakewood Vehicle Locksmith  98496 

Car Locksmith 98497   Car Lockout 98497      Lakewood  Car Locksmith 98497    Lakewood Vehicle Locksmith  98497  

Car Locksmith 98498   Car Lockout 98498      Lakewood  Car Locksmith 98498    Lakewood Vehicle Locksmith  98498  

Car Locksmith 98499   Car Lockout 98499      Lakewood  Car Locksmith 98499    Lakewood Vehicle Locksmith  98499 

University Place, WA 98466

University Place Car Lockout


When you wake up early on a Sunday morning and roll out of bed and hear your partner yell we our out of milk.

So you run out to the vehicle and start it and realize your kids bike is behind the vehicle so you hop back out and accidentally lock the doors with the vehicle running. What do you do?

You call a University Place locksmith to unlock your University vehicle lockout.

Half Price Unlocks has been serving the University Place area since 2006 and we will continue to serve this area with all of its locksmith needs.

• Licensed locksmith
• Vehicle lockout University Place
Car lockout University Place
• Commercial Locksmith
• Rekey House
• Emergency car lockout

From vehicle lockouts to house lockouts and all your other locksmith needs.

Maybe you just moved to the area and you don’t know who previously owned the house.

You can hope that they won’t come back or you can play it safe and simply change the locks on your new house or rekey your new house with our University Place locksmith crew.


Call Half Price Unlocks for A  Car Lockout near University Place!

(253) 732-7147

Car Lockout University Place


Our customers tend to be any age group, whether your young or old at least a couple times in your life you most likely have used a University Place locksmith.

We have unlocked just about every vehicle that is on the road in this world.

From your normal everyday Toyota Camry to your brand new Lexus fresh off the lot.

Don’t spend hours tearing apart your window seals and bending the frame to your vehicle when you can have Half Price Unlocks there in about fifteen minutes to open your vehicle up and get you back on the road in no time.

We are open 24/7 365 days a year.

We our licensed, bonded and insured. Our technicians have many hours of training before they are out on there own.

We treat our customers with great respect and we are honest and upfront with our costs and expected time arrival.


University Place Locksmith



Whatever situation you are in whether you took the dogs for a walk and lost your keys in the park, or you left the dog in the car and he/ she hit the electronic door locks and now you need a University Place locksmith.

Half Price Unlocks is here to help you, we do all locksmith services.

We like to say anything that takes a key we unlock it. Locksmithing has been around for a very long time but now that the world is starting to get more and more busy, so people are in need for good reliable University Place locksmiths.

As our company continues to grow we will continue to do great service. Whether we are fixing your mailbox lock or rekeying a ten thousand square foot building with only a couple days our University Place locksmiths will do it right the first time.

Locksmith University Place is one of our main outfits and will continue to be serviced for the next 20 years also.

• Safe lockout
• Mailbox rekey
• University Place vehicle lockout
• Locksmith twenty four seven
• Reliable locksmith
• Car lockout University Place


Call Half Price Unlocks for A  Car Lockout near University Place!

(253) 732-7147


98466  Car Locksmith 98466   Car Lockout University Place   Car Locksmith University Place 98466  Vehicle Locksmith University Place 98466

JBLM, WA 98433

JBLM Car Lockout


Fort Lewis soldiers have been protecting us for hundreds of years.

They deserve to have good companies that can assist them in their everyday needs.

Whether they have locked themselves out of their Fort Lewis vehicle or locked themselves out of their Fort Lewis house.

Half Price Unlocks has been serving the community of soldiers and the base known as Fort Lewis since 2006.

The base deserves to have honest companies helping them with their everyday needs.

•Locksmith Fort Lewis
•Army base lockout
•Car lockout Fort Lewis
•House lockout
•Mailbox lockout
•Commercial locksmith

You have probably never really thought about locking your keys in your Fort Lewis car until it actually happens.

But if it has or if it does it is not as easy as you may anticipate to get your keys out without a Fort Lewis locksmith.

Whether you have spent countless hours trying to unlock it or tearing up your car to get them out, a Fort Lewis locksmith is close by to assist you weith your JBLNM lockout you deserve to be able to call a good company.

Half Price Unlocks will be there in about fifteen minutes and get those keys back in your hands.


Call Half Price Unlocks for A  Car Lockout near JBLM!

(253) 732-7147


Car Lockout JBLM


Joint base Lewis McChord is a big community that is still growing.

As the community around it grows so does Fort Lewis.

If you are a soldier and have locked your keys inside your Fort Lewis vehicle you want to know that a trusted company is coming to assist you in getting your keys back in your hands.

Half Price Unlocks is that trusted company.

Whether it is understanding the rules and regulations that Fort Lewis has or understanding the roads and entrance points.

We have been servicing north fort, regular fort and McChord Air Force vase since 2006.

We have watched it grow and change over these last years to one giant base.

No matter what kind of Fort Lewis vehicle you are locked out of, we are the locksmith team to get you back on the road.

Locksmith JBLM


Half Price Unlocks has unlocked just about every vehicle you can imagine since 2006.

We can usually get a locksmith technician to you in about fifteen minutes.

We are licensed bonded and insured.

We make sure the job is done right and nothing is damaged.

Our locksmiths are trained in the field so we know exactly when they are ready to get out and be on there own.

No matter what kind of lock your locked out of, we can help.

Not only do we unlock Fort Lewis vehicles and houses, we also replace and rekey any lock you need done.

Wherever you are on Joint Base Lewis McChord, Half Price Unlocks can get you taken care of.

•Fort Lewis locksmith
•Vehicle lockout
•JBLM locksmith
•Licensed locksmith
•Car unlock Fort Lewis
•Keys in car
•Trunk lockout


Call Half Price Unlocks for A  Car Lockout near JBLM!

(253) 732-7147


98431 Car Locksmith 98431 Car Lockout JBLM 98431 Car Locksmith JBLM 98431 Vehicle Locksmith JBLM 98431
98433 Car Locksmith 98433 Car Lockout JBLM 98433 Car Locksmith JBLM 98433 Vehicle Locksmith JBLM 98433
98438 Car Locksmith 98438 Car Lockout JBLM 98438 Car Locksmith JBLM 98438 Vehicle Locksmith JBLM 98438
98439 Car Locksmith 98439 Car Lockout JBLM 98439 Car Locksmith JBLM 98439 Vehicle Locksmith JBLM 98439
Auburn, WA 98023

Car Lockout Auburn


If you have ever received a call from a loved one young or old and they say that they our locked out of their Auburn vehicle you know who to call, Half Price Unlocks.

We have been unlocking vehicles in Auburn Washington since 2006.

We operate with the most state of the art tools so if your locked out of your Volkswagen rabbit or your infinity Q5 Half Price Unlocks can help.

We also do house unlocks, Auburn safe unlocks, touch pad unlocks, Auburn installation on locks, business vehicle unlocks, pad lock cutoffs and any other Auburn locksmith needs.

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If you are busy at work and on a job site and don’t have time to rescue your husband or wife, give Half Price Unlocks a call for your vehicle lockout needs.

We can have a locksmith on the spot usually in about fifteen minutes.

We are open twenty four hours a day seven days a week.


Call Half Price Unlocks for A  Car Lockout near Auburn!

(253) 732-7147


Car Locksmith Auburn


Whether it’s a bright and beautiful summer morning or a rainy and cold winter morning and you went out to warm up the vehicle and you realised you locked the doors and left the keys in the Auburn vehicle.

You don’t want to be late and have your boss yell at you but you don’t want to spend a whole days work on trying to get the keys out.

Call us and we will be there in no time to get those keys out and you back on the road.

If you locked your keys in your Auburn house and locked the door behind you we do that also.

The credit card trick didn’t work and all the windows are sealed up tight, we can still help.

We have unlocked thousands of houses whether it’s a deadbolt lockout or a Auburn handle lockout we can assist in all your Auburn lockout needs.


Vehicle Unlock Auburn



A good Auburn locksmith can be hard to find, most of the locksmith stories you hear are of someone that you can’t trust, someone who you wouldn’t let into your house.

Half Price Unlocks is here to change your thought process and allow you to have a locksmith you can turn to for the rest of your life.

A Auburn locksmith that you will leave a review for and tell your family and friends about.

We our licensed bonded and a trusted locksmith company. When you meet are team you will be satisfied and happy that you met one of us.

If you lost your mailbox key and your expecting a big check or a important letter but you can’t get into your mailbox allow Half Price Unlocks to get that mailbox open and make you a couple new keys so you won’t worry anymore.

We have helped our customers with thousands of different locksmith projects. You never know what or when you will need a Auburn locksmith for but when you do our locksmith team will make everything better.


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Call Half Price Unlocks for A  Car Lockout near Auburn!

(253) 732-7147


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Fife, WA 98424

Car lockout Fife


When you lock your keys in your vehicle and you want to know exactly how much it’s going to cost to call a Car lockout Fife expert.

Just give Half Price Unlocks a call.

We can tell you exactly how much it will be twenty four hours a day seven days a week.

All Half Price Unlocks needs to know is what kind of vehicle and where about you are located and within seconds you will receive a full price quote over the phone.

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You will also know exactly how long it is going to take a technician to arrive on scene to get the keys out of your Fife lockout.

Whether you have locked your keys in a Mercedes or a civic we are there to assist in returning those keys back to you.

We have unlocked Honda’s, Toyota’s, Volvo, Chevy, Ford, Kia, Hyundai and every other make and model available.


Call Half Price Unlocks for A  Car Lockout near Fife!

(253) 732-7147


Car Locksmith Fife


Fife is right in between some of the busiest south sound cities, Tacoma and Federal Way.

They are growing at a rapid rate and small little Fife lands right in between them. Half Price Unlocks has been serving this area since the business was started.

We have technicians standing bye close to this area because traffic is almost around the clock in this part of Pierce County.

Everyone around this area knows Fife is one of the busiest corridors in all of Western Washington.

That is why Half Price Unlocks keeps technicians on standby twenty four hours a day.

Whether you are in the tide flats in Fife Washington or near the casino in Fife Washington a locksmith is close bye to get those keys out of your vehicle.


Vehicle Unlock Fife


Since Half Price Unlocks has been around for a long time, Fife locksmithing  is a growing need.

Even though it seems like Fife cannot get any bigger more and more people are pumping through this bustling community.

From truck drivers to Lyft vehicles all can have keys locked inside. Anything that takes a key Half Price can unlock it.

Anything that takes a key from cabinets to old Skeleton keys we unlock them. If your keys are locked in the trunk of your vehicle and your trunk release is no longer working, we will get it unlocked.

Our technicians have years of training and we have unlocked anything and everything.

Your business lock has stopped operating or your bathroom lock won’t open even with the key Half Price Unlocks and their technicians can help out with this situation.

We will get the lock operating properly again. You will get a full price before we begin operating on the lock, we will explain to full detail of what we are doing.

Whether we are installing fifteen locks and cameras on your business or just unlocking your company vehicle, you will know to detail what we are going to be doing. Whatever Fife Locksmith service you need Half Price Unlocks is here twenty four seven.

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Call Half Price Unlocks for A  Car Lockout near Fife!

(253) 732-7147


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