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Group Fitness Renton


If you find individual training very boring, then you can join a program for group fitness Renton. There are several gyms, trainers, and fitness centers that offer group fitness Renton, but you need to find the best one that suits your schedule and requirements.

Get in touch with Diesel Performance Coaching for the best classes group fitness Renton. We are an established company and have been conducting fitness boot camps and training sessions  since 2005.

Bring your friends or family for a fun, healthy workout program for everyone. When you have people you know and trust working and motivating with you, it makes it easier to stay committed to a program for group fitness Renton.

Join our group fitness Renton that includes:

  • Strength training
  • Cardio and cycling
  • Boot camp workouts
  • HIIT training and workouts
  • Nutritional plans


Call Diesel Performance Coaching for one of the best trainers for group fitness Renton!

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Fitness Boot Camp Renton


For fitness enthusiasts, joining a fitness boot camp Renton is an ideal thing as this offers intensive training at all levels. This is a type of group fitness program usually conducted outdoors making the participants work out intensely using a plethora of equipment like TRX suspension apparatus, bands, and medicine balls.

Get yourself enrolled in our fitness boot camp Renton and achieve your fitness and health goals. We customize the fitness and workout programs based on the group preference and ability.

Another advantage to our program is you can meet people with similar goals and desires to your own.  Our fitness boot camps Renton are fun and effective and will keep you motivated towards shaping and conditioning your body.

We offer fitness boot camps Renton that include the following:

  • Weight loss boot camp
  • HIIT boot camp
  • Military boot camp workout
  • Beach boot camp
  • Sports and athletic training


Call Diesel Performance Coaching for a top rated fitness boot camp Renton!

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Corporate Fitness Training Renton


As part of the wellness program of your company, you can introduce a corporate fitness training Renton for your employees. Group fitness sessions for your employees will increase their productivity, reduce absenteeism, and make them healthier.

Count on our corporate fitness training Renton if you wish to give your employees the gift of good health. Having several corporate houses on our client list, we have the experience and the expertise to handle individual fitness requirements in a group.

Our Renton corporate fitness training includes:

  • Team building activities
  • Stress release activities
  • Fitness activities
  • Ergonomic stretching
  • Strength and metabolic training


Call Diesel Performance Coaching for expert corporate fitness training Renton!

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