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Houston Gaffers Tape

When purchasing Houston gaffers tape, you want assurance that your product is a product that is both durable and strong, here at JHL Industries we can promise our products will exceed your expectations. Our gaffers tape is tried and tested, with countless satisfied customers, making JHL Industries the place to get your Houston gaffers tape!

All Houston gaffers tape supplied by JHL Industries are proudly an American made product, they are all:

  • Tape that sticks to irregular surface
  • Tape that is water resistant
  • High performance tape
  • All-purpose tape
  • Tape that exceeds OSHA guidelines

JHL Industries are here to be your sole supplier of all Houston gaffers tape, we provide first rate products and first rate service.

For more information on the Houston gaffers tape supplied by JHL Industries call us today at (800) 255-6636.

Houston Gaffer Tape

Having professional quality gaffer tape can make all the difference, our Houston gaffer tape here at JHL Industries is all manufactured to meet and exceed OSHA safety guidelines. All the products we manufacture and supply here at JHL Industries are USA made, which gives our customers who purchase Houston gaffer tape a superior feel knowing that it is made by industry professionals.

At JHL Industries, the Houston gaffer tape we supply is a quality assured product, it is:

  • Gaffer tape for indoor or outdoor use
  • Water resistant gaffer tape
  • High performance gaffer tape
  • Industrial grade gaffer tape

Here at JHL Industries we have been supplying Houston gaffer tape for decades, why not join our extensive list of satisfied customers.

If you would like more information on the Houston gaffer tape on offer from JHL Industries call us today! (800) 255-6636

Houston Professional Grade Gaffer Tape

Finding professional grade gaffer tape is essential if you are a professional, a workman is only as good as his tools, or his tape! That is why here at JHL Industries the Houston professional grade gaffer tape we supply to professionals is as good as it gets! For Houston professional grade gaffer tape made specifically for professionals, come to JHL Industries!

When you purchase your Houston professional grade gaffer tape from JHL Industries you know you will be receiving:

  • Professional, industrial grade tape
  • High abrasion tolerance tape
  • High performance adhesive tape
  • Heavy duty tape

On the lookout for Houston professional grade gaffer tape? You need JHL Industries.

For more information regarding the Houston professional grade gaffer tape supplied by us here at JHL Industries give us a call today at (800) 255-6636.



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GaffGun for Laying Cables

The GaffGun put out on the market by GaffTech is one of the most innovative advancements in floor tape application since the invention of gaffers tape. GaffGun brings amazing simplicity to the tedious job of laying tape over cables on the ground for concealing them or for preventing tripping hazards.

Use of our GaffGun tape dispenser saves you considerable time and effort. You do not have to bend your back or be on your knees for hours to tape down every cable.

The tiresome work is a breeze with the GaffGun. Another benefit from using GaffGun is elimination of headache and financial liability from fall injuries due to improper manual taping of cables.

Whether you have to apply floor tape for marking a stage, seaming theater floors of masking off an area, the best thing to do this would be:

  • GaffGun tape adapter
  • Tape Applicator
  • The GaffGun
  • GaffTech GaffGun

Call (425) 224-7662 to learn more about our GaffGun

Gaffers Tape for Theater Industry

A major user of our GaffGun tape applicator is the theater industry. With the elaborate lighting and sound systems that are used for the present-day stage productions, a lot of gaffers tape is required to ensure seamless, accident-free rehearsals as well as shows.

This is where our products are of great help.

Besides the GaffGun, our company offers top-grade gaffers tape rolls with excellent sticking power and tensile strength. These come in several varieties, including:

  • Black gaffers tape
  • Yellow gaffer tape
  • White gaffer tape
  • Double side gaffer tape
  • 2 inch gaffers tape
  • 3 inch gaffers tape

Have queries about GaffGun tapes for stage and theater use? Want to know price for bulk gaffers tape?

Call GaffTech at (425) 224-7662.

Duct Tape Made Easy for Music Concerts

We also offer GaffGun bundle for duct tape used to secure cables and mark the stage for music concerts.

Designed to work with our tape applicator, our powerful duct tape ensures that the numerous cables for various musical instruments and sound systems installed on the place are held down neatly and securely.

You are sure to find application of all the duct tape unbelievably easy because of the unique funneling system of our GaffGun that straightens and centers the cables before laying tape on them. Our duct tape products include:

  • GT Duct 500
  • GT Duct 300
  • Black duct tape
  • Gray duct tape

Contact GaffTech at (425) 224-7662 if you want quick and consistent results with duct tape application for music concerts.

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