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Stem Cells Bothell



Vibrant Health uses the latest technologies in stem cells in Bothell.  All our stem cell therapies are  synergistic with the regenerative power of stem cells.

Stem cells and other growth promoting therapies are platelet rich with plasma and this is a perfect compliment to stem cell therapy for our Bothell area patients.

Other stem cell medicine  alternatives for a  a real boost for stem cells and other healing technology that actually helps your body repair itself are:

* Acoustic Sound Waves
* Hyperbaric Medicine
* Ozone Therapy
* Electro Stem Therapy
* IV Therapy
* PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

We eliminate pain at the root cause with stem cells not blocking pain with prescription drugs.


Stem Cell Therapy Bothell


In Bothell, stem cell therapy is cutting edge new healing for anti aging regenerative health and  FDA compliant treatments,  to restore your mobility and eliminate pain with stem cells in Bothell, WA.

The latest stem cell therapy innovations are used to insure the best outcomes for patients healing therapies. Many people are surprised to find that regeneration with stem cells are happening all around in nature.  Stem cell therapy has become very popular as an alternative medical treatment as baby boomers have begun to age here in the Bothell area and the stem cells that we have are very high quality .

* Neck Pain
* Shoulder Pain Treatments
* Stem Cell for Ankle Pain
* Leg Pain Relief with Stem Cells
* Back Nerve Therapy Stem Cell Injection
* Neuropathy & Osteoarthritis
* Focal Neuropathy
* Diabetic Nerve Pain
* Stem Cell Injections
* Hip Pain & Effective Safe Treatments


Stem Cells Bothell


In Bothell Stem cells are not just for joints, but whole body repair as stem cells that we use are undifferentiated and able to become any type of cell in the human body.  Our stem cells are youthful and trusted for healing, pain management, mobility are all available at Vibrant Health.  As you age you have limited access to stem cells in your body and we can  help  you to rejuvenate your health and live a longer and more vibrant health .  Call and set up an appointment today!

We use Wharton’s Jelly derived stem cells:

* Mesenchymal Stem Cells derived from Wharton’s Jelly
* Highest Concentration of Stem Cells
* Cytokines and Growth Factors
* Immune System Privileged
* No Potential for Allergic or Adverse Reactions
* Safest and Least Invasive Stem Cells




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