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Fireplaces Bellevue

Serving as an electrical contractor since 1953, Economy Wiring Company, Inc. offers expert services to insert fireplaces in the Bellevue, WA area. Fireplaces in Bellevue homes protect against the cold and chilly winters. Hiring an experienced service provider like us to insert fireplaces in the Bellevue area provides homeowners with an assurance of quality and reliable installations.

Nowadays, various types of fireplaces are available in the market – electric and gas being the most common. A professional service provider like us will suggest the best type of fireplaces for your Bellevue home depending on your needs. Getting electric or gas fireplaces installed in your home provides you with the comfort of enjoying warmth and realistic flames.

Get in touch with us for:

  • Fireplace install
  • Fireplace insert
  • Fireplace repair
  • Fireplace replacement

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Electric Fireplace Bellevue

Homeowners in Bellevue often choose to insert an electric fireplace, which helps provide a cozy atmosphere at home. One of the best things about having an electric fireplace in yourBellevue home is that you don’t have to worry about gas or smoke. We provide services for the installation of a quality electric fireplace in the Bellevue area.

An electric fireplace in Bellevue is one of the most cost-effective ways of safeguarding against the cold weather. With a plethora of options, there is an electric fireplace to suit every person’s style. An added benefit is that you don’t have to worry about children getting their hands in the fire or breathing in smoke.

Hire us for our outstanding services:

  • LED fireplace insert
  • Wall mount electric fireplace
  • Electric fire place inserts
  • Infrared quartz fireplace

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Gas Fireplace Bellevue

If you are looking for a service provider to install a gas fireplace in your Bellevue home, then we are the right choice for you. Unlike a log fireplace, having a gas fireplace in your Bellevue home provides you with even, constant heat. A gas fireplace is also environment-friendly since there is no need to buy or chop firewood.

Hire a professional service provider like us to insert a budget-friendly gas fireplace in your Bellevue home. Having a gas insert provides instant heat and pinpoint control which a wood-burning fireplace simply can’t deliver. To insert an energy-efficient gas fireplace, homeowners in Bellevue can connect with us for these options:

  • Gas fireplace insert with remote
  • Ventless gas fireplace
  • Direct vent gas fireplace
  • Vented gas logs

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