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Federal Way, WA, Washington

Federal Way, WA 98003

Men’s Ministry Federal Way • Overcomer Covenant Church


The Overcomer Covenant Church is a great place to visit if you are a looking for a men’s ministry in the Federal Way, WA area.

Our men’s ministry helps grow men into being strong leaders for their family and for their local Federal Way business community and their local Federal Way neighborhoods.

Our men’s ministry helps men to develop their true spiritual identity through biblical Christian spiritual growth and working one-on-one with other men in our men’s ministry.

Connect with other local men in our small group men’s ministry in the Federal Way area.  A  strong implemented men’s ministry will help you identify and develop the unique ability you have as a man and the ability you have to serve your children, spouse, family and your church.

  • Building Strong Relationships
  • Helping the Church Connect
  • Develop Biblically Grounded Men of Faith
  • Small Group Mentoring
  • Men’s Breakfast

Our men’s ministry will help you to outgrow your passive nature and bring alive a godly fire in your life at home, at work, and in  your personal life and will help you carry this through your day in the Federal Way community that you interact with.

We hope to see you join our Federal Way Men’s Ministry today!

(253) 886-5700


Christian Recovery Federal Way


Overcomer Covenant Church offers faith-based Christian recovery in Federal Way, WA.

Celebrate Recovery is a Christian recovery that is bible-based that offers Christ followers relief from addictions and pains that are currently active and also from the past that cause both men, women, young, and old to get caught up in behaviors that trap them in obsessive or compulsive patterns that lead to addiction.

  • Prayer Journal
  • Celebrate Recovery Devotional
  • Sermons 
  • Worship
  • Church Service

Our Christian recovery program helps many people in the Federal Way area here at Overcomer Covenant Church and provide a safe alternative place for Christians to meet for recovery of various addictions and family problems that have run deep for generations.

For some, our Christian recovery program in the Federal Way area is the only safe place in town for them to get the relief they desire and to find the peace they need to move onto the next chapter of their life.

We celebrate Christian Recovery at Overcomer Covenant Church with the years of success that we have built with our recovery program.

We have taken broken lives and helped them by healing the many hurts over the grief of divorce and family deaths.

We can help you with your addiction or your  loss.  Don’t delay with whatever your personal problem is.  Don’t live in anguish any longer!

Celebrate our Christian Recovery in the Federal Way area today!

(253) 886-5700


Federal Way Men’s Small Groups


At Overcomer Covenant Church Men’s Small Groups are a great way to get to know other Christian men in the Federal Way area.

If you are new to the area or have been here for many years, our men’s small groups welcome you as we have been meeting for decades here in the Federal Way area.

Our men’s small groups are located all across the Federal Way area and they meet on numerous days of the week so if one day doesn’t work for you there are 2-3 different groups meeting each night of the week all aross town.

  • Training Christian Men To Lead 
  • Teaching to Pray 
  • BBQ’s
  • Softball Teams
  • Bible Study  Groups
  • Being A Great Father
  • A Man and His Marriage
  • The Return

Our Federal Way area Christian ministry men’s small groups can be a very close-knit group of men who share many activities and deep friendships and lifelong bonds together.

We want to personally invite you out to our Federal Way Men’s Small Group through Overcomer Covenant Church. Call us today with any questions!

(253) 886-5700



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