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Denture Clinic North Tacoma


Northwest Dental & Denturist services have been giving service for its valued clients since 1961.

They are a Denture Clinic in North Tacoma.

They say that the hair is our crowning glory, but we should also remember that our teeth have a great part in making our face look pleasant too.

* Denture Repair
* Immediate Dentures
* Partial Dentures
* Denture Emergencies
* Temporary Dentures

Most often than not, our dental features are also noticed during job interviews or first dates. Moreover, our teeth play an important part in our daily life.  Dentures are so important for the healthy life style for so many people and we are proud to provide so many affordable options to so many walks of life in the North Tacoma area for so many years now.

Northwest Dental in North Tacoma is now a 3rd generation local denture clinic in our neighborhood.

So, why wait for oral problems to get worse? Invest early for a better smile!

Northwest Dental Denture Clinic in North Tacoma is here to help you.

Denturist North Tacoma


With more than 5 decades of expertise, the family owned and operated dental care facility has been providing the following services to their clients:

a. Preventive Services – Regular Cleaning and Check-ups. With proper prevention, your natural set of teeth can be preserved for a lifetime. Preventing oral health problems before it happens can be a way for you to have the best set of teeth!

b. Restorative Services – It is never too late to have that perfect smile. Northwest Dental also provides restorative process that can bring your teeth back into good shape. This includes crowns, bridges, Root Canals, Composite Fillings and White Fillings. These services can also aid you in attaining better oral health.

c. Cosmetic Dentistry – Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so let the people you meet behold your beautiful teeth. Avail the Cosmetic Dentistry services of Northwest Dental which are Tooth Whitening, Veneers, Natural, tooth-colored fillings, and dental impants.

Northwest Dental in North Tacoma


You can also give them a ring by dialing

(253) 533-9326 (Tacoma)


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