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Pediatric Cancer Non Profit Seattle


Footprints of Fight is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that is dedicated to providing services for the family and patient of pediatric cancer in Washington while going through the treatment process. The purpose of these services such as house cleanings, gas cards, grocery cards, family date night, yard services, and AAA memberships is to reduce the family’s stress of everyday life through which increased levels of courage, optimism, strength, and resiliency will form to help the family conquer cancer in present & future.

Childhood cancer occurs regularly, randomly, and spares no ethnic group, socioeconomic class, or geographic region. Many children with cancer are treated with radiation, chemotherapy, surgery, and/or bone marrow transplantation. These procedures and the numerous side effects of treatment impact the quality of life not only for the child with cancer, but also for the entire family.

Footprints of Fight is a local Seattle Pediatric Cancer Non Profit Founded by Parents of a Cancer Survivor.

Mason Nettleton is the Footprint of this fight for Pediatric Cancer.  Thanks for your support!


To Support this Pediatric Cancer Non Profit in Seattle

Please Call Footprints of Fight Today at (206) 303-9285

Cancer Non Profit Seattle


Children’s Cancer Non Profit Seattle


Our children’s cancer non profit organization believes it is critical to consider the child with cancer within the context of the family as family members’ reactions to pediatric cancer often move along a continuum of post-traumatic stress symptoms that range from normative, acute stress reactions to longer-term, impairing reactions.  In some cases, family members’ psychological distress can be as severe as that of the patient.

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Children’s Cancer Non Profit Benefiting Pediatric Cancer Family’s in Seattle


To Support a Children’s Cancer Non Profit in Seattle

Please Call Footprints of Fight Today at (206) 303-9285

Cancer Non Profit Seattle


Kids Leukemia Charity Seattle


As the active treatment process is very stressful on a family, Footprints of Fight is focused on providing services to the families during this time frame as to reduce their stress of everyday life so that they can increase their focus on their child and provide him or her the strength to Beat Cancer!  As a leading kids leukemia charity serving the entire Seattle area we are committed to helping kids of all ages and their families beat leukemia.

* Seattle Children’s Hospital
* Make a Wish Foundation
* Mary Bridge
* Cancer Care Alliance
* United Way

3500 Kids are Stricken with Kids Leukemia Each Year

Your Support helps Countless Families Deal with Unknown Grief and Circumstances


To Support a Kids Leukemia Charity in Seattle

Please Call Footprints of Fight Today at (206) 303-9285

Cancer Non Profit Seattle


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