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Hanen Program Maple Valley

As a responsible, proactive parent to a child with delayed speech development, are you interested in using the It Takes Two to Talk® — The Hanen Program® in Maple Valley, WA?  Rock Therapeutic Services can help.

The integrated treatment services offered by us for managing symptoms of language disabilities in children include leading the innovative Hanen Program Maple Valley. Our speech-language pathologists start out with pre-program consultation for the child and parents.

We explain how the It Takes Two to Talk® — The Hanen Program® helps Maple Valley parents become an effective language teacher for their children. The Hanen Program Maple Valley is designed to teach parents practical strategies for turning their time together with the kids daily to create for them:

  • Enjoyable learning opportunities
  • Occasions for relaxed conversations
  • Loving family interactions
  • Nurturing, encouraging home atmosphere

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Charitable Organization Maple Valley

The Hanen Program has been created by The Hanen Center, a not-for-profit charitable organization that has guided numerous Maple Valley parents in participating actively in communication development in their preschool kids.

In fact, efforts of the charitable organization benefits parents not just in Maple Valley but world-wide. It helps children with:

  • Language developmental delays
  • Expressive language issues
  • Social communication disability
  • Autism

Being a charitable organization founded by a speech-language pathologist, the Hanen Center can be trusted by Maple Valley parents for well-thought-out, genuinely effective early language intervention for their child. We take pride in being the best source for accessing the evidence-based program of this world-renowned charitable organization in Maple Valley.

Call Rock Therapeutic Services to know how the Hanen Center charitable organization Maple Valley can help children with learning disabilities.

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Integrated Treatment Services Maple Valley

We believe in the efficacy of integrated treatment services Maple Valley at our therapy center for working on children with language delays. Our integrated treatment services Maple Valley for these patients place an emphasis on collaboration for optimizing the benefits of therapy.

The Maple Valley integrated treatment services bring children, their parents and our therapists together for enhanced learning outcomes for the patient. Opt for our integrated treatment services in Maple Valley and be assured of relevant and meaningful intervention.

Call to learn more about our:

  • Integrated treatment therapy
  • Integrated treatment plan
  • Integrated treatment solution
  • Integrated treatment program

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Rock Therapeutic Services

Issaquah, WA, Washington

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Issaquah, WA 98029

Hanen Program Issaquah

hanen-program-issaquah-waRock Therapeutic Services uses It Takes Two to Talk®—The Hanen Program® in the Issaquah, WA area for treating children with language delays. This specific Hanen Program teaches Issaquah parents how to become the most important language teacher of their child.

Developed by the Hanen Center especially for parents of small children (up to 5 years) with delayed language development, the program teaches them practical strategies for helping the child learn language naturally during their daily interactions.

Going step-by-step, It Takes Two to Talk®—The Hanen Program® guides Issaquah parents in recognizing the communication capabilities and style of their children. Then, they are shown how to engage and support them in communication.

Proper use of the Hanen Program® by Issaquah parents is sure to result in their child showing a marked improvement in his/her:

  • Communication skills
  • Executive functioning
  • Expressive language skills
  • Cognitive skills
  • Social skills

Call Rock Therapeutic Services if you are interested in using the It Takes Two to Talk®— The Hanen Program® near Issaquah!

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Charitable Organization Issaquah

charitable-organization-issaquah-waThe Hanen Center is a Canada-based charitable organization serving not just Issaquah residents, but others globally with children having developmental language delays.

Founded in 1975 by a speech-language pathologist, the charitable organization encourages Issaquah parents to play a prominent role in alleviating the language and communication problems troubling their child. A business model developed by this charitable organization allows speech therapists in Issaquah and beyond help interested parents use its programs.

Our Issaquah patients are sure to benefit considerably by using programs designed by this:

  • Charity association
  • Charitable institution
  • Non-profit organization
  • Not for profit charity

Call Rock Therapeutic Services to learn how The Hanen Center charitable organization helps Issaquah parents of children with learning disabilities.

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Integrated Treatment Services Issaquah

integrated-treatment-services-issaquah-waWe strive to offer integrated treatment services for the Issaquah patients through our association with The Hanen Center charitable organization. We believe integrated treatment services to be the best approach for resolving language disabilities of our young Issaquah patients.

Our integrated treatment services involve Issaquah parents actively in the process through the use of The Hanen Program®. A combination of interventions by our therapists constitutes the other part of our integrated treatment services for Issaquah children with language delays and disorders.

Call us for more information on our:

  • Integrated dual disorder treatment
  • Integrated treatment plan
  • Co-occurring disorders treatment
  • Integrated dual diagnosis treatment
  • Integrated treatment model

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