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Parkland , WA, Washington

Parkland, WA 98444

Parkland House Unlock


When you find yourself running out to your car in morning to warm it up and you head back to your house and realize you have left your keys inside and locked the door.

Now, you’re standing outside in the cold looking through the window and seeing your keys sitting on the coffee table, what do you do?

Call a Parkland house unlock , we have technicians standing by and ready to unlock your house in 20 minutes.

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Our, specialized technicians can have someone there in usually about twenty minutes.

We are open twenty four hours a day seven days a week, our technicians will arrive on scene as fast as possible and will get you back into your house.

They will also look and ask about each entrance of the home to make sure you are paying the easiest and cost effective way to get you back into your home.

Once, their job is completed taking payment is just as convenient as having your house unlocked.

Call Half Price Unlocks for A House Unlock near Parkland!

(253) 732-7147


Locked Out Parkland


Parkland is a fast moving city located directly next to Tacoma, most people think it is Tacoma which it might as well be.

Our technicians specialist, our knowledgeable of the city of Parkland .

They use the most up to date mapping systems that are available.

They take the fastest route to your Parkland house lockout and know the backroads well. Everyone in this area knows that traffic has gotten bad around here, but our technicians drive in it everyday.

If you are locked out of your house in we have the answer for you, Half Price Unlocks. These house lockout employees make you feel comfortable while unlocking your home in Parkland.

Whether you are locked out of your garage or house, maybe just your gardening shed out back. Whatever it is we are here to help in anyway possible.

Call Half Price Unlocks for A Deadbolt Lockout near Parkland!

(253) 732-7147

Parkland Locksmith


A Parkland locksmith is usually around twenty minutes away and ready to go when you need them, we have locksmiths in the Parkland area ready to get you back in your home when you are.

You don’t want to guess what the price will be for your house to be unlocked, you don’t want to guess how long it will take a technician to get to you.

You want to call a company and have those answers within a couple minutes.

We have a locksmith on the other end of the phone who will understand the situation you are going through and know what the right answer is for the job.

Our locksmiths, have been working in this area for many years and have the top of the line training you can get.

They work around the clock because you never know when you are going to get locked out of your home.

You will know it is Half Price Unlocks when they pull up because they will be dressed in proper attire and represent the locksmith company with honor.

Locking yourself out of your house in Parkland, Washington happens more frequently than many people would think, many times each day people lose their keys on vacation or leave their keys behind them and shut the door.

You can pay a locksmith one quarter the price of replacing the door or smashing a window.


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Call Half Price Unlocks for A Deadbolt Lockout near Parkland!

(253) 732-7147


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