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Edgewood, WA 98372

Edgewood Locksmith

A Edgewood Locksmiths job is to provide a exceptional service to customers that need a trusted person to do a important job.

Maybe you’re batteries died on your gun safe and it seems like it would take a army or a stick of dynamite to open that Edgewood safe.

Give Half Price Unlocks a call and a technician will arrive on site within about fifteen minutes.

We can usually give a exact price over the phone before the technician even leaves. Half Price Unlocks can also give you a exact time of arrival.

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When the Edgewood Locksmith arrives on scene they will talk over all the steps it is going to take to get the safe open. They will let you know if they can crack the Edgewood safe without damaging it or if they have to.

Whatever personal property you have in the safe whether it is medicine or guns. It won’t be damaged and you will have it back in your hand in no time.


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Edgewood Locksmith Services

Your most important personal property that you own inside your Edgewood home is in your safe.

It could be all of your money because you don’t believe in banks. Your Edgewood safe could have your anxiety medication that you need because you are stressing out more than you ever have before.

Whatever the case may be we don’t need to know but you need to know that Half Price Unlocks is here to get that Edgewood safe opened and make you feel like you have your personal property back in your hands.

We have unlocked thousands of safes since 2006. We operate discretely and efficiently.

Half Price Unlocks provides a locksmith service that few companies hold there standards to. We still believe that the customer is always right. So no matter what your Edgewood Locksmith service is call Half Price Locksmith and we will have your safe cracked in no time.


Edgewood Local Locksmith


If you have ever locked yourself out of your Edgewood home, you know this can feel like you are trapped outside or you have just lost your phone.

It is a scary situation and you may feel desperate and just want to break a window. Don’t do that, call a local Edgewood locksmith and they will arrive in about fifteen minutes.

Our Edgewood local locksmiths our standing by twenty four hours a day seven days a week.

Even if it is Christmas morning we will have someone there in no time. Whatever the expected time arrival is that you were quoted over the phone, most likely the Edgewood locksmith will be within minutes of that time.

So whatever Edgewood local locksmith service you need just know that Half Price Locksmith is there when you need is the most.

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Gig Harbor, WA 98335

Gig Harbor Locksmith


Gig Harbor is a growing area, with thousands of people moving to the pacific north west every year from around the world.

As this developing area grows so does the need for good Gig Harbor locksmiths.

Half Price Unlocks has been serving the Gig Harbor area since 2006 and will continue to do so deep into the future.

With state of the art equipment and the newest locksmith technology and training.

• Cabinet Lock Unlock
Locksmith Gig Harbor
• Gig Harbor Locksmith Services
• 24/7 Car door lockouts
• Trunk Unlock
• Deadbolt lockout


Usually a Gig Harbor Locksmith can arrive within fifteen minutes of your lockout or locksmith need.

Whatever the case may be we are here and ready to go for whatever the reason. House lockouts are becoming more and more common in the Gig Harbor area.

Don’t smash a window or kick down a door, call Half Price Unlocks and a technician will arrive on site within minutes.


Call Half Price Unlocks for A  Locksmith Service near Gig harbor!

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Locksmith Gig Harbor



A locksmith can work some days from sun up to sundown. Depending on the day hundreds of people can need locksmith services and a locksmith technician can be running all over.

Maybe your the pastor at a church and you miss placed your Tacoma cabinet keys.

Now you need it unlocked and rekeyed so you can keep important paper work where it needs to be.

Maybe you walked out to get the daily paper and realized you just locked the only entrance into your Gig Harbor home.

Whatever the locksmith need is Half Price Unlocks or Half Price Locksmith has you covered. With technicians standing by twenty four hours a day seven days a week we our prepared for your Gig Harbor Locksmith needs.


Gig Harbor Locksmith Services



A locksmith is someone who you can trust, someone who you believe will do the job right and do what they say they are going to do.

Being a locksmith company for year after year and hundreds of honest reviews says something about Half Price Unlocks.

It shows that if you are choosing a locksmith team to come in and assist you with your business rekey or lock change it’s going to be done right the first time.

We have serviced thousand businesses, houses and cars. No matter what Locksmith job you have let a trusted Gig Harbor locksmith company come and do it right the first time.

• Vehicle lockout Gig Harbor
• Bathroom unlock
• Business locks changed
• Road side service
• Business lockout
• Jumpstart Gig Harbor


Call Half Price Unlocks for A  Locksmith Service near Gig harbor!

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