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Lakewood, WA 98499

Lakewood Locksmith


Lakewood Locksmith has been in Lakewood WA 98499 since 2006.

Lakewood has been a thriving community for many years and it has been growing and being busier than ever over the last twenty.

Lakewood locksmith services are needed on a daily basis. Whether you locked your keys in your running vehicle or you need your whole commercial Lakewood building rekeyed, we can help. Half Price Unlocks has been serving this area since 2006.


Lakewood Locksmith
• Vehicle lockout
• Reliable Locksmith
• Car Locksmith Lakewood
• Mailbox Locksmith
• Commercial locksmith


We have unlocked thousands of houses and cars in this area. Whether you are close to Steilacolm or more closer to Tillicum we can help you get back into your Lakewood lockout.

Maybe you just got back from a long trip and forgot your keys on vacation. We can get you new keys made in a heart beat.


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Locksmith Lakewood


Locksmiths has been around for about a hundred years. From skeleton keys to touch pad deadbolts we do it all. Our licensed and trained technicians stand out compared to the rest. We specialize in many different aspects of Locksmiths.

We make sure our jobs are done complete and accurate. We keep plenty of Lakewood locksmith technicians on call and ready to go when needed. Maybe you just need a simple jump start or maybe you just purchased a new home and need all twenty of your locks rekeyed. Whatever the job is we can help.


Emergency Locksmith Lakewood



Locksmiths in Lakewood are a trusted team of individuals who are trained in tense situations. From a child locked inside the vehicle when it’s eighty degrees outside to a simple wife locked herself out of the house.

Whatever emergency Lakewood locksmith service you need Half Price Unlocks is there to save your day and get you back where you need to be. We have locksmiths that have been doing Locksmithing for over twenty years.

So no matter what your locksmith service call need in the Lakewood area is, rely on Half Price Locksmith to help you with it. Open twenty four seven and everyday of every month. Whether you need your lock drilled out or a storage shed drilled out.


• Locksmith Lakewood
• Emergency Locksmith
• Car lockout
• Vehicle lockout
• Safe lockout
• Mailbox rekeyed


Call Half Price Unlocks for A  Car Lockout near Lakewood!

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Half Price Unlocks

University Place, WA, Washington

University Place, WA 98466

University Place Car Lockout


When you wake up early on a Sunday morning and roll out of bed and hear your partner yell we our out of milk.

So you run out to the vehicle and start it and realize your kids bike is behind the vehicle so you hop back out and accidentally lock the doors with the vehicle running. What do you do?

You call a University Place locksmith to unlock your University vehicle lockout.

Half Price Unlocks has been serving the University Place area since 2006 and we will continue to serve this area with all of its locksmith needs.

• Licensed locksmith
• Vehicle lockout University Place
Car lockout University Place
• Commercial Locksmith
• Rekey House
• Emergency car lockout

From vehicle lockouts to house lockouts and all your other locksmith needs.

Maybe you just moved to the area and you don’t know who previously owned the house.

You can hope that they won’t come back or you can play it safe and simply change the locks on your new house or rekey your new house with our University Place locksmith crew.


Call Half Price Unlocks for A  Car Lockout near University Place!

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Car Lockout University Place


Our customers tend to be any age group, whether your young or old at least a couple times in your life you most likely have used a University Place locksmith.

We have unlocked just about every vehicle that is on the road in this world.

From your normal everyday Toyota Camry to your brand new Lexus fresh off the lot.

Don’t spend hours tearing apart your window seals and bending the frame to your vehicle when you can have Half Price Unlocks there in about fifteen minutes to open your vehicle up and get you back on the road in no time.

We are open 24/7 365 days a year.

We our licensed, bonded and insured. Our technicians have many hours of training before they are out on there own.

We treat our customers with great respect and we are honest and upfront with our costs and expected time arrival.


University Place Locksmith



Whatever situation you are in whether you took the dogs for a walk and lost your keys in the park, or you left the dog in the car and he/ she hit the electronic door locks and now you need a University Place locksmith.

Half Price Unlocks is here to help you, we do all locksmith services.

We like to say anything that takes a key we unlock it. Locksmithing has been around for a very long time but now that the world is starting to get more and more busy, so people are in need for good reliable University Place locksmiths.

As our company continues to grow we will continue to do great service. Whether we are fixing your mailbox lock or rekeying a ten thousand square foot building with only a couple days our University Place locksmiths will do it right the first time.

Locksmith University Place is one of our main outfits and will continue to be serviced for the next 20 years also.

• Safe lockout
• Mailbox rekey
• University Place vehicle lockout
• Locksmith twenty four seven
• Reliable locksmith
• Car lockout University Place


Call Half Price Unlocks for A  Car Lockout near University Place!

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