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Business Credit Repair Bellevue


Business Finance Services, Inc. is a premier business credit repair company serving Bellevue, WA, specializing in business credit repair and restoration.

We offer strategic services that guide a Bellevue business owner towards thorough credit knowledge and understanding. We help him get negative items erased from his credit report, and show him the way to build and maintain a healthy credit score.  We are proud to be a leading business credit repair expert in Bellevue!

• Credit Rating Improvement

• Improve Your FICO Scores

• Upgrade and Delete Negative Items

• Build Business Credit 

• Access Funding and Manage Capital

• Secure New Financing

The small business forms the core of the American economy. But, limited resources make running a sole proprietorship or a small/medium business quite challenging. A bad credit standing can play havoc with it and threaten its very existence. We are proud to help this critical sector survive and thrive, with our expertise that is backed by over 21 years in the business credit repair industry.  Call the leading business credit repair team in Bellevue today!


Fix Business Credit Business Bellevue


Is bad credit denying you approval for a crucial Bellevue business loan? Or is it costing you bigger installments and higher rates of interest, eating into your profits? Do you fear facing foreclosure or bankruptcy?  Our team is skillfully trained at fixing business credit for local business in Bellevue, WA.

If you have missed payments on business vehicles, or equipment or business property and you need to hire a credit specialist to fix your business credit then you have found the right company to help your company to fix your business credit for your Bellevue business.

Worry no more! Allow Business Finance Services, Inc. to help you out. We offer reliable and effective Bellevue business credit repair services that help you win the trust of lending institutions and make you capable of meeting all your financial obligations. Our expertise can help your business achieve the success you envisioned.

Our comprehensive business credit repair services for Bellevue include:

  •  FICO coaching and credit advise
  •  Custom business credit repair plans
  •  Business credit building
  •  Legal updates on client’s business credit issues
  •  Client education regarding bad credit, identity theft, harmful credit card offers, etc.


Credit Repair Company Bellevue


At Business Finance Services, Inc, we understand that your Bellevue business is your passion, your dream come true. And you don’t want it to go down because of some misleading, unverifiable or false information included in your credit report, or some mistake that was committed unknowingly.  Since 1991 our company our expertise in the credit industry with credit repair in Bellevue  is second to none.  If your business needs a Bellevue credit repair company  then contact our office and we will open a file for you asap and relieve your problems today.

Come to us; our experts help you get the negative, unnecessary and incorrect items removed from your report and restore your good credit standing.

The features making us a trusted Bellevue business credit repair company expert include:

  •  Personal attention on all cases by our CEO
  •  Money-back guarantee if our services fail you
  •  Business credit repair company case evaluation offered free of cost
  •  Services can be cancelled anytime
  •  Pay only when items to be removed actually come off your report
  •  Genuine and affordable membership fee
  •  Upfront, clearly communicated service agreement terms
  •  Sincere credit repair representation

Need effective business credit repair service in Bellevue? Call Business Finance Services,  Inc. now!

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