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Barter Snohomish

More and more companies are turning to barter exchange in the Snohomish, WA area for growing their business in the tough economy of today. The concept of bartering is not new. In fact, exchange of goods and services is how civilizations survived and prospered in ancient times.

Prime Trade NW is one of the modern-day barter exchanges serving Snohomish and the nearby areas. An internet-based organization, we facilitate, manage and control bartering between our member businesses in Snohomish.

Our barter exchange allows Snohomish businesses to buy products and services of other companies using their own products and services, the value of these is represented by trade or ITEX dollars that are equivalent to the American dollar.

Get in touch with us to learn more about our:

  • Barter trade
  • Online barter exchange
  • ITEX bartering
  • Barter economy

Contact Prime Trade NW for barter trading in Snohomish and beyond!

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Barter System Snohomish

Membership in our barter system offers Snohomish businesses an additional avenue for selling their wares. Our exchange group opens up a new market where companies can generate sales and in return have many of their needs for personal as well as professional products or services met without spending cash.

Let our barter system help your Snohomish business expand its reach and connect you with a large community of prospective customers across the country. Our Snohomish barter system also offers your business the benefit of preserving cash by using our ITEX dollars.

We look forward to your company joining the ever-expanding member directory of our barter system. The businesses from Snohomish and beyond that are on our portal include:

  • Auto repair shop
  • Pest control company
  • Bakery
  • Realtor
  • Clothing store
  • Barber shop

Call Prime Trade NW for online barter system that Snohomish businesses can join!

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Exchange Group Snohomish

Being a part of our national ITEX exchange group is easy for Snohomish businesses like yours. We are available to answer any queries that you may have regarding our exchange group which your Snohomish company can then join us after paying a very nominal fee.

Bartering is considered taxable by IRS. Our exchange group records transactions by your Snohomish business, provides monthly accounting statements and issues annual 1099B’s.

Join our trade exchange group so that your Snohomish business can realize its full potential. Connect today with our:

  • ITEX trade group
  • ITEX community
  • National ITEX barter network
  • ITEX broker
  • ITEX trade exchange

Contact Prime Trade NW for barter exchange group for Snohomish businesses!

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