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AAC Maple Valley

Access to AAC assistance in Maple Valley, WA can make a huge improvement in the quality of life of physically challenged or neurologically impaired individuals with severe communication difficulties.

AAC or Alternative and Augmentative Communication refers to a system of communication modalities other than the traditional means of communication, verbal and written. Training in the use of appropriate AAC devices gives the disabled Maple Valley resident an ability to control his/her environment and interact effectively with others.

At Rock Therapeutic Services, we offer AAC Maple Valley assistances as part of our wide-ranging speech pathology services. Our experts use the latest augmentative and alternative communication devices. We also use time-tested AAC practices to help Maple Valley patients deal with speech and language disorders.

Those who typically need our AAC services are patients suffering from conditions like:

  • Cerebral palsy
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Autism
  • Developmental apraxia of speech
  • ALS

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Alternative and Augmentative Communication Maple Valley

We offer alternative and augmentative communication Maple Valley training to meet both temporary and permanent requirements for it. The patients who come to us for Maple Valley alternative and augmentative communication intervention at our clinic could be struggling with congenital disabilities or acquired disabilities.

Our focus in every case is on ensuring optimum benefit from our alternative and augmentative Maple Valley communication therapy for the patient. We appreciate that for our patients, the alternative and augmentative communication intervention is a tool not just for conveying their needs, but for their desires, thoughts and feelings. Our Maple Valley AAC therapy could also be used for language acquisition and literacy development.

Contact us to learn more about:

  • AAC speech therapy
  • Augmented communication
  • Alternative communication methods
  • Unaided communication techniques
  • Aided AAC devices

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Sign Language Maple Valley

We teach sign language at our clinic as a viable unaided AAC Maple Valley option. Though requiring some amount of motor control by the patient, use of Maple Valley sign language is one of the unaided methods of communication because it does not need any electronic/non-electronic external support.

We ensure dedicated assistance for everyone who comes to learn sign language Maple Valley at our clinic. Make us your first stop near Maple Valley for teaching your speech impaired loved one:

  • American Sign Language
  • Sign alphabet
  • Hand sign language
  • Language symbols

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