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Beacon Plumbing is a locally-owned plumbing company that has been providing excellent plumbing services to households and businesses within the Tacoma area since 1999.

For people looking to solve some common problems such as leaks, broken drains, damaged sewer lines, the specialists of Beacon Plumbing will surely provide what you need.

Offering high quality plumber services, Beacon Plumbing has been able to get the full trust and confidence of its loyal clients and customers.

Considered one of Tacoma’s top area plumbing companies, Beacon Plumbing seeks to continue providing the finest services and solve all problems with regard to piping, plumbing, sewage, etc.


Plumbing Tacoma

Below are some of the most availed services of Beacon Plumbing:

Plumbing Tacoma – If your plumbing system has been failing you the past couple of weeks, then it may need to be fixed. However, this kind of task should not be done by just anyone, but by someone who has experience and skill like the team of plumbers at Beacon Plumbing.

Water line repairs – Water line repairs are important to make sure no water gets wasted, and you would not pay for water bills which you did not use.  Water Line repairs can also cause emergency plumbing situations, mass flooding and serious long term water damage problems.  If you sense a leak, we suggest you just get it fixed.

Drain Repair fixes – Drains often get clogged due to food particles, grease and hair. In order to fix this problem, a certified plumber should be able to declog using industry standard plumbing tools.  Once again, a drain line clog can cause a serious emergency plumbing situation on your residential or commercial property and if you have any doubt on your ability to repair it then have a professional licensed plumber on your property as soon as possible.

Furnace installation or repair – People who would like to install a furnace in their homes should seek professional help.  Whether you have a residential or commercial furnace repair issue the experts at Beacon Plumbing are licensed heating contractors that provide same day heating resolutions throughout the entire Tacoma region.

Sewage assistance – Sewer lines should be checked occasionally to make sure that all the waste goes to where it should go.  There is nothing much worse than a massive sewage back-up.   All plumbing problems can cause health concerns for your family or employee’s but sewage waste is the worse.  Stay on top of this and if you suspect any concern just give Beacon a call ASAP!

Garbage disposal –  Beacon also specializes in installing proper garbage disposal methods and tools.  Often we come across clients that have lived without the convenience of having a proper garbage disposal for months.  Garbage disposals are one of the most useful and purposeful disposable mechanisms in your dwelling.  If you need one repaired or want one installed then don’t delay.  This is one of the most affordable plumbing services available.  Is a great affordable luxury to have.

Air conditioning services – If you want to place an air conditioning unit for your room or house, our AC experts would be able to do so properly and easily.  Ask about our heat pump installation services also.  We are truly heating experts.


Plumbers Tacoma

For household and business owners who are having problems with their plumbing and sewage systems, they better contact Beacon Plumbing in Tacoma area right away.

As a household name Beacon has constantly provided exemplary services to over 165,000 local clients since 1999, new customers can be assured that they would get only the best assistance from their team of certified plumbers.

The piping and sewage repair experts at Beacon are aware of the fact that piping problems, leaks and other issues may occur any time of the day.

Because of this, any of their plumbers on staff are trained to be the most advanced experts regarding residential and commerical plumbing systems.

• Toilet Repair

• Clogged Toilet

• Leaky Pipes & Water Line Replacement

• Clogged Drains

• Sump Pumps & Septic Alarms

• Sewer Repair. & Sewer Replacement

• Drain Cleaning

• Septic Pumping & Clear Septic Line

• Gas & Electric Water Heaters

• Tankless Water Heaters

• Urinals



In addition to the highest quality of service they provide 24-hour assistance, seven days a week.

With the help of this popular Tacoma area plumbing company, all problems would be fixed in no time.

With local plumbers that live right here in Tacoma,  all customers are assured to get the services they need at the quickest way possible.

Tacoma Plumber

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