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Bulk Hand Sanitizer Portland


If you are in need of quality Portland Bulk Hand Sanitizer for your company or medical-related field. Call RG Medical today! Our Bulk Hand Sanitizer Portland is capable of meeting all medical needs and incredibly powerful. Our company provides our bulk hand sanitizer Portland with an alcohol base of 85% which is the same quality hand sanitizer used by hospitals.

Our Bulk Hand Sanitizer Portland is capable of meeting the specific needs of your medical facility, your company, or even family and friends. Our bulk hand sanitizer Portland is made using the most high-quality medical-grade contents and exactly what you expect. Call us today for your bulk hand sanitizer Portland needs. Contact RG Medical now!

  • Health and Safety of Employees
  • Bulk Hand Sanitizer
  • Disinfecting Properties
  • High-quality Sanitizer
  • Hospital Sanitizer

Call RG Medical for Bulk Hand Sanitizer Portland now!

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Disinfectant Portland


RG Medical provides Portland Disinfectant to help keep your employees, clients, and business safe. Our disinfectant Portland is use in hospitals as well as businesses and we pride ourselves in knowing that our disinfectant Portland products are exactly what your business deserves. Our disinfectant Portland is designed to comply with the the specific CDC requirements expected for all Portland area businesses.

Use our Disinfectant Portland to guarantee a cleaner environment for your business. Call us today for our disinfectant Portland products.

  • High Quality Disinfectant
  • Destroy Bacteria and Viruses
  • Cleaner Health Facility
  • Healthy Employees, Clients, and Family

Call RG Medical for Disinfectant Portland now!

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Sanitizer Portland


For our Sanitizer Portland reach out to RG Medical for highest of quality sanitizer Portland. Sanitizer Portland is made of the same quality content used and expected by medical professionals around the world. We sell not only the best quality Sanitizer Portland product but also many other medical products. At RG Medical, we pride ourselves in providing the highest of quality products like Sanitizer Portland for large businesses or medical institutions. Many companies are now requiring their staff to meet certain cleanliness methods and having sanitizer Portland is exactly what your company needs. Call us today for your Sanitizer Portland needs and we know we can help you.


  • 85% Alcohol Base
  • Medical-Grade Sanitizer
  • Hospital Sanitizer
  • Business Sanitizer 
  • Nursing Home Sanitizer

Call RG Medical for Sanitizer Portland now!

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