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Surgical Masks Kent

Looking to purchase Surgical Masks in Kent, WA? RG Medical can assist you with your bulk purchase of Surgical Masks in the Kent area. Surgical Masks are loose-fitting, disposable face protection devices created to be a barrier between the mouth and nose of the Kent wearer when coming in contact with contaminants in the air.

Made up of multiple abilities, Surgical Masks have the means to protect the Kent community from unhealthy components when worn. Surgical Masks can reduce exposure to saliva and other respiratory secretions.

Tips the city of Kent need to remember when using Surgical Masks:

  • Surgical Masks are not to be used multiple times
  • Discard and replace any used or damaged Surgical Mask
  • Discard safely used masks into the trash
  • Thoroughly wash hands after handling a used Surgical Mask

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3 Ply Mask Kent

The most prefered face protection after the N95 Mask is the 3 Ply Mask. The 3 Ply Mask aids in shielding Kent residents from airborne particles and possible illnesses. A 3 Ply Mask can defend the spread of bacteria and germs in Kent. RG Medical has a bulk supply of 3 Ply Masks for sale and can assist with fast delivery in Kent. 3 Ply Masks consist of three quality layers, and each layer has a specific purpose and function.

Information Kent needs to know about the quality layers of the 3 Ply Mask:

  • Hydrophobic outer layer that functions to repel fluid
  • Middle layer filters germs and bacteria
  • Hydrophilic inner layer absorbs moisture
  • 3 Ply Masks are effective in preventing viral infections

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4 Ply Masks Kent

Similar to the 3 Ply Mask, 4 Ply Masks feature an extra layer containing an activated carbon filter. The layers of the 4 Ply Masks provide additional protection against odors and vapors. Kent can rely on RG Medical as their supplier for 4 Ply Masks. 4 Ply Masks will help protect Kent and reduce the spread of infections and viruses among the Kent community.

Qualities in the layers of the 4 Ply Masks the city of Kent should know:

  • First layer – non-woven spunbond polypropylene
  • Second layer – filtering layer made with active carbon fiber
  • Third layer – made of non-woven melt-blown material
  • Fourth layer – made up of the first layer material for extra layered protection

Contact us today at RG Medical to place your bulk order of 4 Ply Masks in Kent.

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