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Speech Impediments Issaquah

speech-impediments-issaquah-waAt Rock Therapeutic Services, we have worked hard to establish our therapy center as the top choice for professional help with speech impediments in the Issaquah, WA area.

Life can be tough for children with speech impediments in Issaquah. The act of speaking allows communication of feelings, thoughts, and needs to others. Speech impediments make doing so difficult for the affected Issaquah children, and inefficient communication hampers relationship-building.

We offer the services of highly experienced, licensed therapists for treatment of any speech impediments that children in Issaquah may have. The speech disorders that we treat include:

  • Articulation disorder
  • Fluency disorder
  • Voice disorder
  • Apraxia of speech
  • Dysarthria

It is important to know that speech disorders are not the same as language disorders. Speech impediments do not interfere with the ability to learn or understand words.

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Stutter Issaquah

stutter-issaquah-waWe offer speech therapy for the people who stutter in Issaquah. Also called stammering, stuttering is a disorder involving a problem with normal flow and fluency of speech. Those who stutter in Issaquah are clear about what they wish to say, but have trouble actually saying it.

There are different types of speech issues that happen with a stutter. Our Issaquah patient could have difficulty in starting a sentence, phrase or word; prolong sounds in a word; repeat a syllable or word; or take pauses within a word or sentence.

Those who request help in stutter control from our therapist in Issaquah could be having the problem due to any of the following reasons:

  • Speech motor control issue
  • Genetics (developmental stutter)
  • Emotional stress (psychogenic stutter)
  • Brain disorder (neurogenic stutter)

Come to us for treatment no matter why a loved one or you may stutter.

Visit Rock Therapeutic Services for speech therapy to correct stutter difficulties in the Issaquah area!

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Fluency Issaquah

fluency-issaquah-waWe offer fluency therapy for Issaquah residents to reduce or stop their stuttering. Our speech therapists are equipped for making standardized and non-standardized fluency assessment of the Issaquah patients to determine the right treatment plan to control their stuttering.

Our fluency therapy for the Issaquah patient is customized as per his/her age and severity of the problem. Our fluency therapist may delve into when and why the Issaquah patient started to stutter.

Let us be your first choice for therapy to achieve:

  • Speech fluency
  • Oral fluency
  • Sentence fluency
  • Oral reading fluency

Call Rock Therapeutic Services for help in developing speech fluency near Issaquah!

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