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Septic Tank Pumping Auburn

Lee’s Sanitation Service has been performing septic tank pumping in the Auburn, WA region since 1950. Our technicians are well trained in all things septic system related in order to serve the needs of Auburn residents. One in every four homes in the country have a septic tank system. 

It is recommend to have septic tank pumping done every two to three years, with mechanical septic tank pumping done every three to five years in order to empty the septic tank. Septic tank pumping is the process of removing sludge from the bottom of the septic tank. This septic tank pumping needs to be done before the sludge builds up to a level where it blocks an outlet pipe. This outlet pipe flows into a drain field.

Variables for how often septic tank pumping in Auburn homes needs to be cared for is based on:

  • Size of Auburn household
  • Amount of wastewater generated 
  • Size of septic tank
  • Volume of solids in wastewater 

For septic tank pumping in the Auburn region, call (253) 245-1080. 

Septic Pump Installation Auburn

Lee’s Sanitation Service is a plumber in the Auburn area offering full-service repair and maintenance. From drain cleaning to toilet clogs, water heaters to septic pump installation. Our experienced plumbers for the Auburn area can do it all on your schedule. 

A septic pump is a submersible water pump that is installed in either the final chamber of a septic tank or in a separate pump sump after the septic tank. It is a small electrical water pump that can be submerged in waster water. Septic pump installation is required when you need to pump from a septic tank up to a higher level. Septic pump installation should be handled by a professional septic tank maintenance company.

Benefits of having a septic pump installation in Auburn include:

  • Establishes even flow for septic tank 
  • Works quickly
  • Eliminates waste buildup 
  • Fights against gravity 

To schedule an appointment for septic pump installation in the Auburn area, call (253) 245-1080. 

Septic Pump Repair Auburn

If your septic system in Auburn uses a pump to remove wastewater from the septic tank to a drain field, your system will have an alarm and float switch. When water rises above an unacceptable level, the float will rise in the septic tank. This float will flip and trigger the alarm to let you know that you possibly need a septic pump repair.  An overflow of a septic system can be disastrous to an Auburn property. Lee’s Sanitation Service specializes in septic pump repair.

Symptoms that you may need a septic pump repair at your Auburn residence include:

  • Smelly puddles in yard
  • Backing up drains
  • Gurgling toilets
  • Strange odor in home or yard
  • Pump alarm sounding 

Contact Lee’s Sanitation Service at (253) 245-1080 immediately if you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above at your Auburn residence in order to get a septic pump repair. We can help get you a speedy septic pump repair. 

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