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Saturn Barter is a global company with a heart for businesses, just like yours. Saturn Barter is a dynamic platform of savvy business owners who leverage organized trade to reduce cash expenditures, boost revenue, increase presence in a local and global market, and ultimately positively impact their profitability.

Your business is our priority!  Saturn Barter opens doors to untapped revenue, new clientele, brand exposure opportunities and frees up cash resources. All with the power of barter.

We are passionate about promoting your business and helping you make valuable professional connections. Our certified trade brokers market and sell your products or services locally, nationally and internationally to help expand your market share and give you a competitive edge in a global economy.

Organized barter provides a closed network of buying and selling business owners who are motivated to spend earned trade dollars with other members.


What You Get Out of Saturn Barter in the Seattle Area


  • New revenue.   Saturn Barter is a marketing tool to expose your company to a new stream of revenue. We list your company on our virtual shopping site, market you through our electronic newsletter, social media channels, and event opportunities. Not only does this turn in to new revenue in the form of trade, through customer word-of-mouth, new cash customers find their way to your door as well.
  • Liquidate surplus inventory.  Saturn Barter provides an exceptional opportunity to market your surplus inventory or capacity and generate revenue from it. Move product taking space and not making you cash. Increase your barter sales and use earned trade currency to spend on whatever you like!
  • Offset cash expenses.  Because any Saturn Barter transactions are net new business you wouldn’t have in your cash business, you can then use those dollars on business expenses, freeing up your cash for other spending, saving or investing.
  • Fair trading.   No more one-to-one trades where the value of services/goods is lopsided. With organized barter, you offer your services/goods to other Saturn members at the same pricing as your cash customers. Revenue earned is banked into your electronic Saturn financial account for you to spend at any one of our Saturn members, just like cash or credit.
  • Concierge-like support.  What do you need? Before you open your checkbook, be sure to check with your personal certified trade broker for tailored solutions to utilize earned trade revenue.

Become part of a thriving network of savvy entrepreneurs leveraging barter to offset cash expenses with extra income earned through trade.

High Integrity Trade Exchange In Puget Sound!

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