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Saturn Barter offers unique solutions to business owners through a trade system that allows members to barter goods or services for trade dollars that can then be used to purchase items without the use of cash. For example, if you own a free-lance writing business, you can barter your skills in writing for trade dollars.  Saturn Barter has been located in Tacoma, WA since 2009 and is a leading trade exchange in the state of Washington.   They are a family owned business and have many long standing employees that are proud to serve Saturn Barter and this says a lot about this local company that is owned by Kent Johnson.

Once the trade dollars accumulate into your Saturn Barter Company account, you can in turn use them for any number of goods or services offered by the large network of other Saturn Barter Company members. From furniture to fine dining, Saturn Barter Company has you covered.

Popular items for trade include:

  • Home repairs including plumbing work and roof repairs
  • Travel accommodations and restaurant dining
  • Home furnishings and personal care items
  • Recreation including concert tickets, theatre tickets, and party rentals
  • Doctor’s appointments, health spas, and salons
  • Generate Guaranteed Revenue with our Business Trade Group

In addition to the unique opportunity to offer your goods or services in exchange for trade dollars, Saturn Barter Company offers the ability to network with other businesses and to grow your own client base.

By becoming a member, you are advertising your business on a national level. In a sense, every Saturn Barter Company member becomes a potential client that you can be referred to by a representative within the company.

The same free-lance writer who is bartering their writing for trade dollars can also be referred to other companies within the barter system. This increases the free-lance writer’s trade dollar income and allows them to work on referrals, thereby cutting the costs for outside advertising.

Saturn Barter Company also enjoys spotlighting new businesses with their monthly publication and through up-to-date email newsletters.

Business Trade Exchange Tacoma


If you are looking for a business  trade exchange then look no further than Saturn Barter in Tacoma, WA.  We have over 1000 local Western Washington members and we are proud to serve businesses of all sorts.  No matter the size from small to large we are here to help local businesses trade their  services with other local businesses in Tacoma.

As a business, book-keeping and meticulous records are crucial.  Saturn Barter Company takes their customer service one step further by providing detailed monthly statements. These statements are a record of all the barter transactions that you have participated in and make it easy to continue accurate book-keeping for your business.

Having a thorough and quickly accessible customer service program allows Saturn Barter Company to keep your needs in the forefront of their business structure.

As a member, you gain full access to their website, giving you access to your account information, monthly statements, trade availability, and the option to create a wish list of items you would like to purchase.


Tacoma Trade Group • Saturn Barter


By utilizing the barter system, your business will start to notice a diversified client base and more cash in your bank account.  Tacoma business to business trade group Saturn Barter is one of the few true barter exchange groups in Washington State.   They have a highly ethical trade exchange where brokers  manage thousands of  local businesses of all kinds from professionals, contractors and start-ups who all trade and swap services with the management of Saturn Barter and the brokering agent.  If you are looking for a business trade group in  Tacoma then look no further than Saturn Barter.  They are one of the best local businesses not only in Tacoma,  WA  but in all of  Washington  State.

• Doctors

• Dentists

• Contractors

• Plumbers

• Attorneys

• Landscapers

• Chiropractors

• Web Developers

• Restaurants

• Coffee Shops

• Tree Service

• Painters

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