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Kirkland Rock Walls

When it comes to construction of rock walls in Kirkland, WA properties, there is only one name to know and that is Nasim and Sons! Serving the community since 1998, our landscaping company is recognized for its exceptional skills at installing Kirkland rock walls and rockeries.

The rugged beauty of rock makes a beautiful contrast to the delicate foliage. No wonder Kirkland rock walls tend to become the centerpiece of the yard. Whether incorporated into rockeries or built as standalone structures, rock walls add great aesthetic value to any yard.

We handle rock wall construction jobs to serve functional purposes as well. Kirkland rock walls can be installed for resolving grading issues, holding back soil, providing privacy and segregating different outdoor living areas.

Contact us no matter why you want your yard to have a:

  • Rockery wall
  • Stone wall
  • Boulder wall
  • Stacked rock wall

Call Nasim and Sons for Kirkland rock walls!

(253) 319-3493

Kirkland Rockeries

We are equipped for catering to diverse demands for Kirkland rockeries. From small dry creek beds, miniature rockeries around trees to an extensive rock garden, we can create them all.

Our customized installations of Kirkland rockeries are done to suit unique preferences and specific budgetary constraints of property owners who hire us. The best part about hiring us for building Kirkland rockeries is the assurance of seamless workmanship regardless of how big or small the project is.

Our landscapers come to the job with innovative ideas and proven skills at creating Kirkland rockeries. We can be relied upon for impeccable services for all types of jobs related to rockeries. Hire none but us for:

  • Rockery design
  • Rock garden installation
  • Rockery repair
  • Rockery restoration

Call Nasim and Sons for Kirkland rockeries!

(253) 319-3493

Kirkland Rock Wall Construction

The choice of contractor for Kirkland rock wall construction in your yard must be made after due deliberation. Poor workmanship or use of below-par material for Kirkland rock wall construction can have seriously damaging consequences. Sudden and premature failure of the structure is the most likely the outcome of careless or otherwise improper Kirkland rock wall construction. This can cause personal injury as well as damage to the surrounding landscape.

You need not have such worries when hiring us for Kirkland rock wall construction. Our technicians are seasoned masters at the job and construct strong, stable, reliable and long-lasting rock walls to enhance:

  • Residential landscaping
  • Commercial landscaping
  • Front yard rockeries
  • Backyard rockeries

Call Nasim and Sons for Kirkland rock wall construction!

(253) 319-3493

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