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Repetitive Language Maple Valley

Do you have a child with repetitive language disorder in Maple Valley, WA? Are you looking for an experienced speech-language pathologist to your child with the problem? Let your search end here at Rock Therapeutic Services!

Set up in 2004, our therapy center is one of the best places to bring children for treatment of repetitive language Maple Valley problems.

Repetitive language is quite commonly noticed in toddlers when they are learning to speak. However, delayed speech development or autism may cause repetitive language Maple Valley in some children to continue further into childhood.

Consulting an experienced SLP is essential for developing a treatment plan for repetitive language syndrome Maple Valley in such children. Contact us if your child is showing signs of:

  • Echolalia
  • Palilalia
  • Repeating sentences disorder
  • Repetitive speech
  • Repeating words when speaking

Call Rock Therapeutic Services for help with repetitive language Maple Valley problems!

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Delayed Speech Development Maple Valley

We offer specialized help for treatment of delayed speech development Maple Valley at our therapy center.

Recognizing signs of delayed speech development Maple Valley in their children can be tricky for parents. There are many late talkers, who by the age of 5 years old, start matching the language skills of their peers. However, delayed speech development Maple Valley in many other children is a major cause of concern.

We advise parents to be proactive and bring their kids for diagnosis of delayed speech development Maple Valley at our clinic when they observe them reaching language skill milestones slowly.

After confirming the language delay, we get on with treating it through a combination of:

  • Speech therapy
  • Language development activities
  • Articulation therapy
  • Family counseling

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Language Disorder Maple Valley

As speech-language pathologists, we play a critical role in assessment, diagnosis and treatment of children with spoken language disorder Maple Valley.

The severity of language disorder Maple Valley children can vary considerably. It can occur as a primary disability or in conjunction with other disabilities. At our Maple Valley facility, we work with children having wide-ranging language disorder conditions like:

  • Developmental dysphasia
  • Specific language impairment
  • Speech delay
  • Language processing disorder
  • Expressive language disorder
  • Fluency disorder

Our therapists develop a Maple Valley language disorder treatment plan for each child  keeping in mind their unique hearing, speech production, cognitive and social skills.

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