T & R Welding Supplies

Bellingham, WA 98225

T & R Welding Supplies

Bellingham, WA 98225

Regulator Bellingham

T & R Welding Supplies is the name you can rely on when you want oxygen regulator in Bellingham, WA. We are your one-stop welding supply store that cater to all your welding tools and equipment needs. A regulator is a highly important part as it controls the compressed oxygen into a suitable pressure to then transfer it to the torch. Bellingham welding professionals can come to us when they are in need of regulators.

Now you do not have to worry about any last minute hiccups with your gas tank regulator in Bellingham as we have got you covered. Come to us as in Bellingham as we carry many brands of regulators like:

  • Victor oxygen regulator
  • Airco oxygen regulator
  • Harris oxygen regulator
  • Smith oxygen regulator
  • L-TEC oxygen regulator

Get in touch with us at (253) 272-0467 if you are in need of top-quality oxygen or acetylene regulator in the Bellingham area.

Regulators Bellingham

Are you looking for a reliable supplier of gas regulators in the Bellingham area? If yes, then your search ends with us. Whether you are a welding professional, restaurant, vendor or a construction company, we supply regulators to all. Our decades of experience in the industry aids us in providing you with the right sized oxygen or acetylene regulators in Bellingham so your work never stops.

You can count on us for all your regulator needs in Bellingham as we:

  • Are experienced welding supply store
  • Provide top-grade welding supply
  • Have affordable welding supplies
  • Provide industrial welding supply

Our technical staff is experienced and knows what gas mixture and type of regulator to recommend for your Bellingham project depending on the material you are welding.

Contact T & R Welding Supplies at (253) 272-0467 for dependable oxygen regulators in the Bellingham area.

Oxygen Regulator Bellingham

In addition to providing you new regulators, we are also authorized for acetylene and oxygen regulator repairs. Bellingham welding professionals who need trained and knowledgeable technicians who can repair their welding equipment can come to us. We take pride in providing you with quick turnaround times and impeccable services when you come to us you want a new oxygen regulator in Bellingham or get a faulty one repaired.

An oxygen regulator used for your Bellingham welding project needs to be well-maintained and handled only by professionals. We make the job easy for Bellingham welding professionals as we provide:

  • Excellent oxygen regulator repairs
  • Reliable acetylene regulator repairs
  • Complete welding tools and equipment
  • Safe gas wielding equipment

Call T & R Welding Supplies at (253) 272-0467 for acetylene or oxygen  regulator repairs in Bellingham.

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Bellingham, WA 98225
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