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Houston Printed Extension Cord

Ordering a printed extension cord in Houston, TX has never been simpler thanks to JHL Industries, simply send us the text you would like to have on your printed extension cord, and we will do the rest. As we print on the best quality products, your print is sure to last and stand out for years to come!

By getting a Houston printed extension cord provided by JHL Industries, you can be sure to get a quality product, what is more, a printed extension cord has the following benefits:

  • Customizable prints
  • Theft prevention
  • Colorful cords
  • Advertise your business
  • Track cords by department
  • Print safety reminders

If you would like any of these benefits, be sure to get order your Houston printed extension cord with JHL Industries.

For all your Houston printed extension cord needs be sure to get in touch with JHL Industries, call us today at (800) 255-6636.

Houston Printed Extension Cords

Here at JHL Industries, we are proud to be able to offer our customers a wide range of services, these services now include Houston printed extension cords.

Getting JHL Industries to provide your Houston printed extension cords allows you to reap the benefits of both high quality products and customizable print on your printed extension cords. These benefits are:

  • Deterrent against theft
  • Advertising space
  • Can be used for safety reminders
  • Cord tracking by department
  • Customizable benefits
  • Vibrant colors to print on

For more information regarding the range of printed extension cords get in touch with JHL Industries.

If you need Houston printed extension cords make sure you call JHL Industries today at (800) 255-6636.

Houston Printed Power Cords

When it comes to Houston printed power cords there is only one place to go, JHL Industries. With years of serving the industry and customer satisfaction behind them, JHL Industries are the best choice when it comes to suppliers of printed power cords. Being their own manufacturer, and having in house printing, means that lead time are short, even when you order custom length printed power cords!

Here at JHL Industries, when we get an order for Houston printed power cords, we make it our priority to get your order right for you! We offer:

  • Custom cord printing
  • Power cord printing
  • Electrical cord printing
  • A range of cord printing options

In short, JHL Industries are the place to go to when it comes to Houston printed power cords.

For all your Houston printed power cords, JHL Industries are here! Call us today! (800) 255-6636

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