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Pet Geriatric Lakewood

Are you looking for a facility that offers pet geriatric boarding in the Lakewood, WA area? Do you want your much loved aging dog to stay at a place that is made especially for canine geriatrics? If so, then you can stop searching any further.

Gillshire Kennels is a leading Lakewood pet geriatric care center that has been serving the community since 1981. We have extensive knowledge and experience with K9 geriatrics. Our facility has the ideal resources and environment for providing superior pet geriatric Lakewood care.

We understand exactly what kind of attention and service is required by the weak, wobbly, or ill dogs that are brought by their owners to our Lakewood pet geriatric facility. Get in touch with us to learn more about our many services:

  • Geriatric pet kennel
  • Geriatric dog care center
  • Canine geriatric facility
  • Senior pet care center

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K9 Geriatrics Lakewood

Boarding K9 geriatrics Lakewood can be extremely challenging. Pet geriatric care providers have to be capable of managing dogs with mobility problems, incontinency issues, and vision or hearing problems. Many Lakewood K9 geriatrics need regular daily medication for their chronic ailments.

That is why people cannot drop off their K9 geriatrics Lakewood at just any dog boarding facility in the neighborhood. We have worked hard to establish our state-of-the-art kennel as one of the finest options for boarding Lakewood K9 geriatrics.

We have equipped the place with all the amenities essential for ensuring a comfortable and safe stay of your beloved pet:

  • Old dogs
  • Lap dogs
  • Scared dogs
  • Sick dogs

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Canine Geriatrics Lakewood

Besides providing top-notch facilities for canine geriatrics Lakewood, we offer excellent pet care services that are delivered by seasoned professionals. Our dog sitters are especially skilled at gentle handling of elderly pets.

You can count on us for the extra attention to detail that is demanded by Lakewood canine geriatrics. We work with a genuine commitment to minimizing the discomfort or pain and maximizing the pleasure of living for our canine geriatrics Lakewood.

Is it any wonder that the geriatric ward at our kennel is being expanded constantly to cater to the ever-increasing number of Lakewood canine geriatrics brought to us? We can be relied upon for high-quality services in every aspect, including these:

  • Senior dog boarding
  • Geriatric dog nutrition
  • Canine geriatric health care
  • Geriatric pet care

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