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Pistol Annie’s Jewelry & Pawn is among the oldest pawn shops near Tacoma, WA. Whether you are looking to trade in your precious belongings or buy new ones, you need to always look for a certified pawn broker. We are one of the most reliable Tacoma pawn shops in the area.

Our Tacoma pawn shop also has experts of different fields working with us so you will always be able to get the most appropriate suggestions or valuations of a product. When you decide to visit our Tacoma pawn shop, you will be able to buy or sell these items:

  • Precious earrings
  • Studded pendent
  • White gold bracelets
  • Precious necklace

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Tacoma Pawn Shops

Another reason why we suggest you visit us rather than any of the other Tacoma pawn shops is because we have a huge selection available. This includes everything from jewelery to automobile and recreational vehicles. Besides, if you are looking for something antique, then you can also consult with our Tacoma pawn broker to locate the right item.

Moreover, the biggest highlight of our store is that our Tacoma pawn shops employees offer you funds for your belongings right on the spot. So you will not have to wait days on end to make a deal when you visit our pawn shop. We are also one of the best Tacoma pawn shops if you are planning the following:

  • Buying and selling used jewelry
  • Buying and selling vintage rings
  • Buying and selling gold coins
  • Buying and selling antique jewelry

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(253) 319-3538

Tacoma Pawn Broker

Getting in touch with our Tacoma pawn broker is also a good idea when you are looking for collectible items. Our pawn shop carries a range of exotic products which you will not find in any other store. Moreover, if you are looking to buy a gift for someone special, then talk to our Tacoma pawn shop crew members right away.

If there are questions in your mind regarding the products we carry and buy from customers, you can get them answered by calling our helpline and talking to any of the available Tacoma pawn broker staff in our store. Consulting with our Tacoma pawn broker is also a good idea for other items like these:

  • Firearms and guns
  • Precious stones
  • Antique coins and bullion
  • Antique medals

Call Pistol Annie’s Jewelry & Pawn for a Tacoma pawn broker!

(253) 319-3538

Location and Hours

This business is located in Pierce County
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