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Puget Sound Detection Dogs

Everett Nose Work Dog Training

Need help training your dog and making it an expert in nose work in Everett, WA? Then feel free to contact Puget Sound Detection Dogs. Christina Bunn is the master trainer and owner who has successfully provided Everett nose work dog training to over 150 dogs. She has acquired many certifications, including the Trial Judge & K9 nose work. During Everett nose work dog training, she could easily sense if the particular dog could join law enforcement.

Any dog can sniff and go after scent. But proper training is essential, or it will never discover its inner gift for the work. Our company gives professional Everett nose work dog training, which will prepare it for competitions or police detection. You have never seen a fully committed person towards Everett nose work dog training like Christina Bunn.

Give us a call to learn more about our Everett nose work dog training such as:

  • Nose work for dogs
  • Nose training for dogs
  • K9 nose work classes
  • Dog obedience training

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Everett K9 Nose Work

Your search for the best Everett k9 nose work for dogs ends here! Nose work is a term used to train dogs to find the scent and discover the desired object or person. Our training company has many years of experience providing Everett k9 nose work training and helping dogs win in sniffing sports.

We know you love your dog as a family, so why not gift them this precious Everett k9 nose work, as it can enhance their confidence? You can enroll your dog and proudly participate in sniffing sports while cheering with your family. You and your dog will have a lifetime of fun after undergoing Everett k9 nose work.

Our specialities include:

  • Dog sniffing training
  • K9 nose work training
  • Professional detection services
  • Dog nose work training

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Everett Nose Work

For the most efficient and affordable Everett nose work for dogs, rely only on licensed and certified training companies like us. Our company has over 15 years of experience in Everett nose work.

Our owner and trainer have over 21 years of experience in Everett nose work training for detection dogs. One of our trained dogs, Terra, is a famous eco dog who has a job in aviation crash sites. It helps to detect leaking, heating oil tanks and many buried problems. Everett nose work training can transform your ordinary dog into a superhero.

Trust us for

  • Professional dog detection
  • Nose work expert
  • K9 nose work classes
  • Scent work

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