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Sumner New Roof

If you are getting a home constructed and need a new roof to be installed in your Sumner, WA property, then contact us at Bates Roofing LLC. The new roofs installed by our company will always be durable and structurally stable. To achieve this, we use the best quality Sumner roofing supplies available in the region.

Our company knows that customers want various design options when it comes to their Sumner new roof. That is why we even have experts that can offer you layout suggestions. You can hire us for other roofing jobs as well as along with installing a Sumner new roof. We offer services like:

  • Temporary roof repairing
  • Roofing repairs
  • Rubber roof maintenance
  • Flat roof repairs

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Sumner Roofing

For commercial buildings as well as industrial plants, we can offer new Sumner roofing services. We are also the most reliable contractors in the county who have the needed certification to work as a professional roofer. So, while you get your Sumner new roof installation done by us, you will never regret the decision.

Our contractors, working on Sumner roofing systems, are highly trained to handle different materials properly. In other words, when we install your new roofs, the results you get will be seamless and aesthetically pleasing. The structure will also be leakproof. You can learn more about this by giving us a call today. We would be happy to help answer your questions. We are skilled to install various Sumner roofing systems such as:

  • Shingle roofs
  • Tiled roofs
  • Concrete roofs
  • Metal roofs

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Sumner New Roofs

Even if you have a multi-story home, we will be able to install Sumner new roofs on your property. Another thing that makes us different from the rest of the roofers is that we take into account all the state and local construction guidelines. Therefore, till the time you hire our Sumner company for your roofing needs, you will never have a single problem.

Clients who need Sumner new roofs for their homes or offices call us on the helpline at any time. We will understand your project needs and offer you free installation estimates on the spot. Even though our rates are affordable, you will still receive the best quality results each time. You can hire our roofers for installing the following kinds of Sumner new roofs like:

  • Garage roofs
  • Commercial roofs
  • Home roofs
  • Farmhouse roofs

Call Bates Roofing LLC for Sumner new roofs!

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