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Leaky Roof Newcastle

Leaky Roof in Newcastle Rainier Roof Restoration is here to stop the leak to protect your most valuable asset.  Your roof is critical to your home—keeping you and yours dry and warm throughout the winter storms and rain. So if your roof is in Newcastle, trust Rainier Roof Restoration to keep your roof looking and working as it should. Call now 425-462-5269!

Our experienced roofers can provide you with a free estimate on roof repairs and roof cleaning. Our roofing contractors are knowledgeable professionals and will work quickly and efficiently to provide you with great service whether it’s a small repair or a full roof cleaning.

We offer affordable prices. Call us for a free estimate at 425-462-5296.

We specialize in the following:
Tile Roof Repairs
Metal Roof Repairs
Cedar Shake Roof Repairs
Composition Roof Repairs

Roof Leaks Newcastle

Roof Leaks can be a start to something major if not addressed. Roof leaks can be a small hairline fracture that grows into something larger. Damage from a single shingle caused by pine needle build up, overgrown moss, windstorm or aging roof can and will lead to a leaky roof.

Rainier Roof Restoration specializes in fixing roof leaks to the highest quality in Newcastle, WA. Your roof protects everything in your home. Our service professionals understand the importance of a professional clean. We offer all types of maintenance plans from monthly, quarterly and yearly. Call 425-462-5296 Rainier Roof Restoration to schedule your free estimate today.

Fix Roof Leak Repair Newcastle

Fixing Roof Leaks is critically important to the survivability of your roof. Don’t delay fix your roof leak today; putting it off could cost you thousands of dollars in roof repairs but can cause drywall damage and floor damage as well. After discovering a roof leak call Rainier Roof Restoration at 425-462-5269 for an assessment.

Trained and skilled experts that know how to locate, troubleshoot and fix a roof leak in Newcastle. We take our job serious because your roof provides protection to the rest of your investment.

Fixing a roof leak should be done immediately following detection because even a small leak can lead to large problems over a short period of time:

  • Damaged or water stained ceilings and walls
  • Black mold
  • Destruction of insulation
  • Rotted framing and sheathing

Problems that require fixing a roof leak may be created by a range of possibilities, including roof age, brick chimney flashing, missing shingles, the vent boot, holes, ice dams, or clogged gutters, to name a few.

Call Rainier Roof restoration to locate and fix a roof leak! 425-462-5296.

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