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Rockeries Issaquah


If you are thinking about rockeries for your Issaquah home. Cedar County Landscaping can help you by deciding on the best rockeries solution that will add visual appeal to a garden, steep bank, or provide a solution to any awkward landscaping.

Adding rockeries to your Issaquah home or business can be a great and simple way to add some design to compliment your properties landscape!


Cedar County Landscaping has years of experience in the construction of rockeries in Issaquah.


Our expertise lies in the construction of:

  • Rock Walls

  • Rock Gardens

  • Rock Landscaping

  • Rockery Repair and Restoration


At Cedar County Landscaping, we strive to help you build your dream rockeries with the best design and quality products. We help you choose the perfect stone for your rockeries  and we deal directly with the quarry. When designing and building rockeries in Issaquah the most common material options are:

  • Basalt

  • Limestone

  • Granite


Cedar County Landscaping is one of the best contractors building rockeries in Issaquah. When it comes to the design and construction of rockeries in Issaquah call Cedar County Landscaping (425) 358-2779 to bring your rockeries vision to life.  We are a Issaquah Rockeries Expert!


Rockery Wall Issaquah


Thinking about building a rockery wall?

Adding a rockery wall to your Issaquah property’s landscape can add a homely touch. A rockery wall for your Issaquah home may be used for function or structural needs, or can be a great decorative touch your property.


A rockery wall can be used in Issaquah landscaping to:

  • Stabilize sections of a sloped yard

  • Showcasing specific garden plantings

  • Decoration for waterscapes


We specialize in installing rockery walls.

Residential and Commercial property owners in  Issaquah interested in adding rock to their landscape design should not think twice about getting in touch with us!

Call Cedar County Landscaping (425) 358-2779 to build your rockery wall in Issaquah!


Rock Walls Issaquah


Are you needing a solution to level off your garden or define a boundary?

The solution is building rock walls. By adding rock walls to your Issaquah property, it is a useful way to define boundaries and hold back rock or soil from buildings or structures, the most common rock wall used for this is retaining rock walls.


Retaining rock walls protect your Issaquah home from down slope erosion and provide support for vertical grade changes.


When building rock walls the most common materials used are:

  • Kelly Blocks

  • Keystone Blocks

  • Ultra Blocks

  • Ecology Blocks


Whether you are wanting to build rock walls for decoration or build retaining walls to protect your Issaquah property. The design and installation of rock walls requires specialized expertise! At Cedar County Landscaping our priority is building the best rock walls that provide charming aesthetics and functionality for protecting your Issaquah home or commercial property.


Call Cedar County Landscaping (425) 358-2779 to build your rocks walls in Issaquah today!

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