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San Antonio Inversion Therapy

Inversion-Therapy-San-Antonio-TXSince 1981, Teeter has been offering quality products and quality services for inversion therapy in the San Antonio, TX region. San Antonio inversion therapy is the idea of being upside down, allowing the pressure of gravity on your nerves and discs in your spine to be lessened. Many people use San Antonio inversion therapy to address their back pain, stretch their joints and muscles or just to relax.

Our knowledgeable San Antonio inversion therapy experts are available by phone and online to help guide you and start your journey for spinal decompression in your home gym today.

If you are curious about San Antonio inversion therapy, give us a call if your search queries include:

  • Relieve back pain
  • Certified inversion table
  • FDA approved inversion table
  • Inversion therapy for spinal decompression

For effective San Antonio inversion therapy equipment, call Teeter now. 

(800) 847-0143

San Antonio Spinal Decompression

Spinal-Decompression-San-Antonio -TXWhen it comes to San Antonio spinal decompression, inversion therapy for your home gym is probably the best option. There are a variety of health benefits when it comes to San Antonio spinal decompression from relieving pressure on joints and bones, minimizing compression, aligning the spine to offering relief for lower back pain.

Through San Antonio spinal decompression, you release pressure that facilitates the flow of water, oxygen and nutrients to your disc. This allows the discs to heal.

Call us if you are in need of San Antonio spinal decompression for:

  • Improve posture with spinal decompression
  • Back pain relief with spinal decompression
  • Spinal decompression for sciatica
  • Help muscle tension with spinal decompression

To learn more about the benefits of San Antonio spinal decompression, give Teeter a call. 

(800) 847-0143

San Antonio Home Gym

Home-Gym-San-Antonio-TX We are always researching new and innovative way to enhance your inversion therapy in your San Antonio home gym. From equipment that helps correct common posture issues to enhancing your cardio, we have the San Antonio home gym equipment that you are looking for. You can reverse the effects of slouch sitting, poor desk posture and “tech neck” by properly using one of our inversion therapy pieces of equipment in your San Antonio home gym.

We offer many different types of equipment and accessories for spinal decompression for your San Antonio home gym. Call our team today if you have questions about:

  • Inversion table accessories
  • Home spine decompression
  • Home gym training
  • Home workouts

Step Up Your Game With an Inversion Table Workout:


To step up your San Antonio home gym with inversion therapy, call Teeter today. 

(800) 847-0143

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