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Dallas Inversion Table

Inversion-Table-Dallas-TXWe, at Teeter, offer the area of Dallas, TX with a great inversion table selection. A Dallas inversion table is a great technique for inversion therapy where you are suspended upside down to stretch your spine and relieve pain in your back. By shifting your body’s gravity, the pressure eases off of the back and provides traction for your spine. A Dallas inversion table is beneficial for people with chronic lower back pain, scoliosis or poor circulation.

Our Dallas inversion table selection is a superior design with third party safety certification. When it comes to finding the best Dallas inversion table, we have the experience and commitment to deliver the best in back pain relief. We are the ones to get in touch with when you are searching for:

  • Cost for inversion table
  • Why use an inversion table
  • Benefits of inversion table
  • Back pain relief with inversion table

If you are searching for a high quality Dallas inversion table, get in touch with the experts at Teeter today to learn more about your options.

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Dallas Back Stretches

Back-Stretches-Dallas-TXWhen it comes to home workouts, we believe in feel-good fitness for every body and that involves including Dallas back stretches into your routine. We offer equipment, such as an inversion table, for Dallas back stretches.

Back stretches can help heal an existing back injury by stretching the muscles. A regular routine of Dallas back stretches can also help prevent future back pain by strengthening your back muscles and reducing the risk of muscle strain.

Give us a call if you are looking for:

  • Home recovery with back stretches
  • Fitness equipment for back stretches
  • Inversion table for back stretches
  • Equipment for back stretches

For more information, check this resource out:

Do Inversion Table Work?


Call Teeter today for more information on our equipment that will help you with Dallas back stretches.

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Dallas Home Workouts

Home-Workouts-Dallas-TXIf you want to have an ideal stretch, lengthen your muscles, stimulate fluid and nutrition to soft tissues and enhance shock absorption, consider an inversion table for your Dallas home workouts. When you move in an inverted position in your Dallas home workouts, you can encourage realignment and improve your flexibility. Lengthening your muscles and fluid-exchange can help reduce soreness post Dallas home workouts. Your body will be encouraged to realign and hold itself in good posture after using an inversion table for your Dallas home workouts.

If you are looking to increase your Dallas home workouts and are searching for any of the following, give us a call for:

  • Core training for home workouts
  • Home gym machines
  • Home fitness
  • Strength training

We can help you improve your Dallas home workouts. Give Teeter a call today!

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