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Is hardscaping something you are considering for your property in Kent, WA? If the answer is yes, then give us a call at Seattle Land, Rock & Tree today. We can make your landscape an inspiration for the entire neighborhood by installing creativelydesigned and attractivelyconstructed Kent hardscape.

In addition to the joy of their architectural flair, our Kent hardscape elements have the potential to Create more space for hosting gatherings outdoors rather than indoors.

We have worked diligently to hire the very finest and brightest professional team to bring a diverse skill set to each project with complete hardscaping materials and services that deliver a dynamic product to our customers.

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Whether your requirements are for traditional rockeries, a retaining wall, or the addition of innovative custom-designed outdoor living spaces utilizing patio pavers & paver walkways, we will blend the highest quality workmanship with creative designs to craft your Kent hardscape with our traditional excellence.

Call Seattle Land, Rock & Tree today to schedule a consultation with our design team to begin your Kent hardscape project!

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Kent Hardscaping

As a professional team sharing a passion for Kent hardscaping construction since 2004, we are committed to high quality workmanship, innovative and creative designs, meticulous attention to detail, and optimal machinery finesse in setting landscaping rockery.

If you are considering landscaping features using rock or stones, these are a few ways they can be used:

  • To highlight specific landscape plantings
  • To embellish a beautiful water feature
  • To replace a traditional lawn
  • For stabilization of sloped yard sections
  • As landscape rockery
  • Patio pavers & paver walkways
  • To create a rock garden

We specialize in creative design and installation of Kent hardscaping elements and award-winning stone rockeries of many different styles.

Our team of Kent hardscaping installation experts can install anything from a dry pebble riverbed to a rock wall construction of any type or size that is placed with finesse and set to perfection.

Call Seattle Land, Rock & Tree for a consultation to share your Kent hardscaping vision with our team of experts!

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Kent Patio Pavers

If you want a breathtakingly dramatic and distinctive entrance to your home, call us for creative design services and installation of Kent patio pavers & paver walkways!

Whether your requirements are contemporary, casual or gorgeous Old-World charm, we can provide distinctive character that blends in with the architectural design of your home as well as your landscape theme.

Using materials such as dark grey cobblestone, tile varieties, beautiful blends of red brick laid in a traditional herringbone pattern, or natural stone, we can create outdoor living spaces or a remarkable and prominent entrance to your home with Kent patio pavers & paver walkways that withstand high vehicle and foot traffic.

These are a few advantages of our Kent patio pavers & paver walkways installations:

  • 12×12 patio pavers
  • 16 x 16 patio pavers
  • Modern patio pavers
  • Brick pavers patio
  • Patio stone pavers

Hire ous team to design and install Kent patio pavers that can transform the appearance of your landscape into something unique and beautiful!

Call Seattle Land, Rock & Tree for a superior Kent patio pavers!

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