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Fast Forword Certified Issaquah

fast-forword-certified-issaquah-waRock Therapeutic Services is a Fast ForWord certified provider serving Issaquah, WA. The Fast ForWord program, developed by Scientific Learning Corporation, is a series of computer-based exercises designed to boost brain fitness and accelerate learning capabilities.

As a Fast ForWord certified provider in the Issaquah area, we make the program a part of therapy for treating the learning disabilities of our patients. The parents who bring their children to our therapy center near Issaquah have the advantage of working with a Fast ForWord certified provider that uses the most advanced techniques for boosting brain power through improved areas of learning:

  • Attention
  • Reading rate
  • Processing efficiency
  • Sequencing
  • Memory

Reach out to us if you want to learn more about how we can help by being a Fast ForWord certified therapy center near Issaquah.

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Fast ForWord Program Issaquah

fast-forword-program-issaquah-waAre you wondering what exactly is the Fast ForWord program and how Issaquah children with learning disabilities can benefit from it? Let us explain. Created by experienced brain scientists, the Fast ForWord program offers its Issaquah users (between ages 4 and 21) exercises that enhance their cognitive and language skills.

The science behind Fast ForWord program is findings of neuroscience research that the development of the brain and its processing efficiency continues throughout life. Use of an intensive technology like Fast ForWord program by our Issaquah patients triggers real physical changes in their brain.

By thickening the “gray matter” and strengthening neural connections, the Fast ForWord program helps our Issaquah patients develop in many areas:

  • Listening accuracy
  • Auditory sequencing
  • Phonological accuracy
  • Phonological fluency
  • Listening comprehension
  • Auditory word recognition

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Fast Forword Certification Issaquah

fast-forword-certification-issaquah-waOur objective in becoming a therapy center with Fast ForWord certification in the Issaquah area is to improve the learning capabilities of patients effectively and at a fast pace.

Fast ForWord certification allows us to offer Issaquah patients highly personalized, intensive practice on wide-ranging reading and language skills. Our speech and language pathologists make use of the Fast ForWord certification to help Issaquah patients achieve an astounding 1-2 years of reading gains in only 8-12 weeks of the brain-based learning program.

Let our Fast ForWord certification help your child in the Issaquah area get a much-deserved boost is her/her skill set:

  • Listening skills
  • Communication skills
  • Reading abilities
  • Cognitive skills
  • Academic performance
  • Self-esteem

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