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Every dog owner wants a stable dependable canine companion when working with dog trainers in Burien, unfortunately many pet parents  wind up with a puppy with no plan of action on how to achieve that very attainable goal. Dog trainers in Burien see it all the time, pet parents are overwhelmed by a set of behaviors they never intended on their dog learning.

That is when the infamous google search for dog trainers near me occurs! If you look around there are a number of dog trainers in Burien and surrounding areas. However not all dog trainers Burien are created equal. There are various dog trainers in Burien who have different styles, philosophies, and agendas but looking for the right dog trainers in Burien to fit the learning style of not just your puppy or dog but as well as yourself as the handler is usually the best idea.

  • Dog Obedience trainers
  • Dog Behavior modification trainers
  • Human Aggression trainers
  • Leash Reactivity trainers
  • Dog-to-Dog Aggression trainers
  • Food and/or Resource Guarding trainers
  • Separation Anxiety trainers


Dog Training Burien


When you look at dog training styles in Burien or anywhere else often times you will see the ongoing debate of balanced dog training vs positive reinforcement. But what does that mean for you loving dog or puppy?

Often times balanced dog training in Burien can conjure up feelings of dog abuse or negative punishment because of the tools that are used in dog traineing in Burien. Everything from prong collars, remote collars and introducing some type of negative feeling to counter condition the dogs association with certain behaviors during dog training in Burien.

Then on the other side of dog training you have the clicker treat training that has been made famous by Karen Pryor training dogs in Burien and all of the work she has done in dog training. Instead of punishing the dog for unwanted behaviors during dog training, positive reinforcement operates on the premise that we simply reward the behaviors that we want from the dog during training in Burien. Assuming the dog will want to do the right thing in order to obtain any reward we may have for the puppy during dog training.

  • Puppy Obedience training
  • Dog Crate training
  • Emotional Support training
  • Service Dog training
  • Puppy Manners training

Dog Trainer Burien


In your search for the best dog trainer in Burien for your dog keep in mind exactly what it is you are looking for. The dog trainer in Burien you are searching for needs to be able to effectively communicate with you the dog trainer methods and not do more harm to your dog than good in Burien.

The dog trainer in Burien should be well equipped to deal with the behaviors your dog is showing and be able to communicated effectively with your dog during training in Burien to teach them obedience or doing any behavior modification. If you are looking for a dog trainer in Burien feel free to contact The Northwest Dog Trainer, (253) 332-2131 where we are well versed in many dog training methods and will always put together the best dog obedience program for your dog  from dog trainer stand point and also your puppy’s standpoint.


  • Puppy Manners
  • Beginning Home Obedience
  • Advanced Home Obedience
  • CGC Preparation
  • Therapy Dog Preparation

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