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Disinfection Service Scottsdale

NEW FOR COVID-19. Basic Disinfection Service for Scottsdale. We treat Maricopa County with a broad spectrum biocide, applying a disinfectant typically as a gas vapor so there is no mess and no clean up after treatment. Like all our products, our Disinfection Service is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, earth-friendly, and hypoallergenic. This is like hand sanitizer for your Scottsdale space, and a certificate of treatment will be provided. Our Basic Disinfection Service package helps create a healthy office and home for residence of Scottsdale.

Disinfection Service and Germ Removal in Scottsdale requires a high level of professionalism. In addition to our Basic Disinfection Service, Master Germ and Odor Removal’s Deluxe Disinfection Service adds a protective germ shield on all surfaces (walls, floors, furniture, window treatments, etc.) that can extend the germ removal for up to 30 days in commercial environments, and up to 90 days in Scottsdale residential environments! The antimicrobial germ shield goes on any surface and dries very quickly. Once dry, the covalent bond between it and the surface upon which it is applied makes it permanent. It will not leach or evaporate and is food safe. It’s toxicity rating is just under Vitamin C (on an LD50 scale)! There is no chemical transfer or degradation of the germ shield. Call today for Disinfection Service, (800) 770-2171.

Germ Removal Service Scottsdale

Many are looking for Germ Removal Service in Scottsdale. Our surface Germ Shield destroys Coronavirus, MRSA, Staph, VRE, salmonella, E. coli, listeria, norovirus, H1N1 (swine flu), influenza, herpes simplex 1, fungi, Stachybotrys (black mold), etc.

​Independent tests from around the globe show that disinfection and germ removal surface shield is effective against any pathogen subject to lysis (think of a pin popping a balloon). Germ Removal Service is on the top of everyone’s list right now as we continue to realize our new normal in Scottsdale.

The antimicrobial surface germ shield is a lattice of molecular pins (carbon) that attract with a positively charged nitrogen atom and pierce pathogens, as seen on the left through an electron microscope. The way the germ shield works, using physics instead of poison, means it does not contribute to superbugs. Just as flies do not become fly swatter-resistant, germs don’t become Surface Germ Shield resistant. Let us help you and your home with Germ Removal Service today, we are located in the Scottsdale area and serve the surrounding cities.

Decontamination Services Scottsdale

Not all Decontamination Services are equal. We disinfect for large and small companies, call centers, day cares, schools, churches and homes in Scottsdale using a disinfectant on the CDC N List with a 1 minute kill time for COVID-19! Follow up with an antimicrobial germ shield to keep fighting the virus, and bacteria, fungi, and allergens, for up to 90 days. Create your emergency plan starting with a phone call to Master Germ and Odor Removal in Scottsdale and we’ll discuss Decontamination Services options based on your need.

Decontamination Services treatment overnight after workers have gone home is our specialty in Scottsdale. Businesses do not lose any productivity. Return to work with a hospital-grade disinfected space! Of course we can provide Decontamination Services during the day as well. Ask for the antimicrobial germ shield application, and keep that diminished microbial load down for up to 90 days. We’ll provide a customized report with our before and after ATP readings, and we’ll retest regularly to make sure the efficacy stays the same. Call us today for Decontamination Services in Scottsdale, (800) 770-2171.



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