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Lynnwood Crawl Space

The crawl space of a home is an ideal place for electric and plumbing ducts, fuse boxes, and air conditioning systems. It is also utilized as an additional storage area for the home. It raises a house above ground level, permitting better air circulation and protects the house from effects of dampness.

Houses with Lynnwood crawl space built in damp areas of the country are prone to the growth of fungus, molds, and termites. We at Seattle Land, Rock & Tree offer all kind of services needed for crawl space cleaning for Lynnwood, WA residents.

Our services include:

  • Replacing damaged insulation
  • Waterproofing
  • Treatment of termite, molds, and mildew

Also, we effectively seal the entire area through encapsulation and employ a dehumidifier to eliminate moisture and stale humid odors. We, being a customer-oriented company, offer our impeccable Lynnwood crawl space cleaning and repair services to our valued clients in the area at affordable rates and with excellent customer service.

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Lynnwood Crawl Space Cleaning

Moisture appears and causes dampness, the growth of fungus and molds, dust mites and termite in your Lynnwood crawl space. The dampness leads to poor indoor air quality which can cause or aggravate a number of respiratory problems.

You can eliminate these problems by having us perform our periodical check-ups and thoroughly clean your Lynnwood crawl space. Using upgraded technology, our professionally qualified technicians provide Lynnwood crawl space cleaning service with the assurance of freeing the area from:

  • Moisture
  • Bad odors
  • Mold, termite, and allergens
  • Rodents, rodent droppings and carcasses

We inspect your crawl space and provide a home that is free from odors, mildew, and poor air quality through our Lynnwood crawl space cleaning service.

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Lynwood Crawl Space Repair

A crawl space is not part of the living area of a home so it is not often checked for problems. Even trivial problems can cause major problems. Choosing us for Lynwood crawl space repair for the residents is a smart choice!

Our experienced technicians will alleviate all your crawl space problems through their quality craftsmanship. Our Lynwood crawl space repair services include basement and floor repair, insulation strengthening, and moisture removal through a vapor barrier.

We specialize in repairing insulation between floor joists along with encapsulation. For the crawl space repairing, our experienced technicians accomplish repairs quickly.

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We are considered as the most trustworthy and recommended companies for a Lynwood crawl space repair.

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