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Rating: (271)
Sandy was very helpful and responsive in getting back to me.
Legions of Light - Holistic Healing
Rating: (122)
I loved the work we did together! It was very healing and I have been feeling better and lighter since our session. I highly recommend doing a spiritual cleansing with him. So worth it!
Dr Freeman O. Ileyemi/Wordhouse ICC
Rating: (85)
He responded quickly, I don’t get to work with him but he gave me all the information I needed quickly.
Greater Christ Temple Church

Tacoma Church

Are you looking for a community church in Tacoma, WA region? You have arrived in the right place. At Greater Christ Temple Church, we believe in following the word of God. At our Tacoma church, we strongly think of one God with immeasurable power and omnipresent and omniscient. By joining Tacoma church, your spiritual side gets better giving you peace of mind.

Our Tacoma church conducts many live events and bible study for all age groups. We always work for the betterment of the community. The pastor of our Tacoma church is well-educated and completed his PhD. He and his assistant pastors are always available to show love unconditionally and spread their faith. To learn more about Tacoma church services, contact us now!

Contact us to find out about:

  • Christian sermons
  • Bible lessons
  • Worship music
  • Gospel service

Call Greater Christ Temple Church for a Tacoma church in the area now!

(253) 272-5679

Tacoma Temple

If you live in the Tacoma region and are desperate to connect with the living God, you must visit the our Tacoma temple church. Tacoma temple is your optimal place to gather as a family for divine healing and spiritual services. If you believe in the teachings of the holy bible and would like to meet like-minded people, then the Tacoma temple church is the destination.

Our Tacoma temple church has strong followers and a community that always works for the betterment of society. Tacoma temple also conducts bible classes and Sunday classes for kids and adults. Reach out to us for our services

We guide you with the following:

  • Christian education classes
  • Community life small groups
  • Church services
  • Online church services

Call Greater Christ Temple Church for a Tacoma temple now!

(253) 272-5679

Tacoma Churches

Do you want to take part in one of the Tacoma churches in the region? Your search ends here at Greater Christ Temple Church. At our Tacoma churches, we conduct regular Sunday prayers, bible sermons, and many more events. The events conducted in Tacoma churches are both spiritual and for the betterment of our church community.

At Tacoma churches, we warmly welcome people of all backgrounds and help them to grow spiritually through the lessons from the bible. Fundraisers and donations collected at Tacoma churches have helped many people who are in need. Youth empowerment is our core focus as they are to form the future world of tomorrow.

Come to us for:

  • Men’s ministries
  • Women’s ministries
  • Bible-based evangelic sermons
  • Education programs

Call Greater Christ Temple Church for Tacoma Churches in the area now!

(253) 272-5679

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